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Today’s WAEC GCE Biology Answers for First series 2023. Are you WAEC GCE 2022 candidate? If yes, welcome to Examspot WAEC GCE Biology Questions and Answers 2023. WAEC GCE Biology Questions and Answers expo.

We explain how to get WAEC GCE Biology alternative to Practical questions and Answers, WAEC GCE Biology First Series 2023, GCE for WAEC 2023 Biology. And steps you need to pass the WAEC GCE Biology exam at a sitting.

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First series GCE Biology Objective & Essay/Practical Answers – 2023 Jan/Feb Expo

Correct WAEC GCE 2023 Biology Essay

2ai:“Nutrition is the process of taking in food and converting it into energy and other vital nutrients required for life.”

2aii: tabulate..

parasitic sporozoans.
pick any three

Under amoeba: 1:Amoeba engulfs its food by surrounding the food particle with its pseudopodia. The undigested food is expelled out by the vacuole
2: in amoeba food is digested in a food vacuole.
Under humans:
1:While in human beings, the food (which is complex substance) is taken inside the mouth and undergoes a complex process of digestion and absorption in the digestive system.
2:human beings have complex digestive system where food gets digested in separate regions

1.Nose, mouth, or eyes to hands to others:
Germs can spread to the hands by sneezing, coughing, or rubbing the eyes and then can be transferred to other family members or friends. Simply washing your hands can help prevent such illnesses as the common cold or eye infections.

2.Hands to food:
Usually germs are transmitted from unclean hands to food by an infected food preparer who didn’t wash his or her hands after using the toilet. The germs are then passed to those who eat the food. This is easily prevented by always washing your hands after using the toilet and before preparing food items.

3.Food to hands to food:
Germs are transmitted from raw foods, such as chicken, to hands while preparing a meal. The germs on the hands are then transferred to other uncooked foods, such as salad. Cooking the raw food kills the initial germs, but the salad remains contaminated.

4.Infected child to hands to other children:
Germs are passed from a child with diarrhea to the hands of the parent during diaper changing. If the parent doesn’t immediately wash his or her hands, the germs that cause diarrhea are then passed to others.

5.Animals to people:
Wash your hands after petting animals or touching any surfaces they come into contact with.

WAEC GCE Biology Objective 2023 

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