Best Colleges in France for American Students 2023

In this post, I will show you all you need to know about Colleges in France that accept American students. If you have been asking for the best Colleges in France for American Students, this post is for you.

Are you interested in colleges in France for American students in 2023? Public or private colleges in France for American and international students? If Yes, at the end of this post, you will get to know the best colleges in France for American students, features, locations, and their success rate.

Best Colleges in France for American Students

Here are the best colleges in France for American Students 2022.

  • Institution La Providence

Institution La Providence, founded in 1837, is located in the heart of Strasbourg. The Institution La Providence welcomes students from the first kindergarten section to the third. The establishment also has a site in Vendenheim.

The college includes 9 to 10 classes per level (6 or 7 on the Strasbourg site, 3 in Vendenheim). It immerses the students in a dynamic of projects (European classes, arts, and culture, performing arts, heritage, multimedia, nature, theater, multisports). While Vendenheim college students benefit from privileged contact with nature, those in Strasbourg benefit from the proximity of the city’s various infrastructures (ice rink, museums, opera, exhibitions, etc.)

  • Jeanne d’Arc College

 The Institution Jeanne d’Arc is a private Catholic establishment open to international and American students under an association contract. The college has kept a human size and a family atmosphere. Indeed, it only consists of 4 classes per level. Jeanne d’Arc College is located near the city center of Perpignan with many easy access. It is open for American students.

During the meridian break, Jeanne d’Arc College offers cultural or sports workshops: choir, journalistic club, chess, English, circus, photo competition, Catalan, theater, Japanese, drawing, table tennis, English club, handball, basketball, rugby, acro sports, etc. to its students.

  • La Tour

La Tour is of the Colleges in France for American Students and other nationals, founded in 1901 by the Sisters of Saint Clotilde on a tower whose origin dates back to the Middle Ages. La Tour is a Catholic High School open to the world, in association with the State.

The college has welcomed 1050 students from the 6th to the Terminale, to whom they offer education of excellence, benevolent and demanding. According to La Tour 2021 bac results, 156 final year students passed the bac with a 100% success rate.

  • Institution des Chartreux

The Institution des Chartreux, a private school under contract, welcomes students from kindergarten to upper classes, day school, half board or boarding school. Founded in 1825 is also one of the best colleges in France for American students. Today it is a Catholic school complex made up of more than 4000 students, 320 teachers, and 170 supervisory and service people. It also has boarding located within the grounds of the establishment, with a garden and large terrace overlooking the Fourvière hill and the Saône and its quays.  

  • Saint Joseph du Loquidy

Saint Joseph du Loquidy is a Catholic school belonging to the La Salle network, which the Brothers of the Ecoles Chrétiennes founded. The college is located in Nantes, France, and also accepts American students. It offers extensive prevention actions each year. Since 2009, more than 2,500 grade 4 students have been trained in first aid (PSC1) by Loquidy teachers (nearly 240 middle school students on average each year).

Taking advantage of its international network, Loquidy regularly welcomes teachers from the Middle East for internships to improve their French practice.

High school students can take optional Japanese, Chinese or Korean LV3 instruction.

Loquidy also offers ice hockey and, since September 2018, fencing has met young people’s new needs.

  • École Jeannine Manuel

École Jeannine Manuel is a French, bilingual, and international school. It welcomes students of 80 different nationalities from the middle section to the terminal in Paris. Its Lille campus offers classes from the small section and has a mixed boarding school.

In 1954 Jeannine Manuel created the Active Bilingual School to develop international understanding through bilingual education that would begin in kindergarten. His idea is “that learning a foreign language is in itself a very important thing. But it is also better to understand the other, that is to say, to think like the other; it is an opening to the world.

All the best as you know the best colleges in France for American students 2023.

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