39 Best Friend Gift Ideas in 2022

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Best friend gift ideas are important and for special people in our lives, who deserve good demonstrations of affection and affection.What is the best gift for a super friend?

The ideal gift for your best friend is one that expresses your affection and demonstrates that you really know them well. It’s nice to invest in items that have to do with the person’s universe, with their tastes and personal style.

Finding a gift can seem like a difficult task, after all, all you want is to please that person, so that they feel important to you. But, it can be a lot simpler than you think and the proof of that is right below. We’ve put together a list of the best friend ideas for birthday, christmas, etc and important tips to make that choice right.

1. T-shirt


Do you have that super stylish friend, who likes to take care of the look or who loves a branded outfit? So this is a really cool suggestion! It’s a comfortable, versatile, stylish piece that he will be able to wear a lot, always remembering that he won you!

2. Watch


Watch is a classic item and super useful in everyday life. The watch is one of those accessories that combine sophistication and functionality. It is a very good suggestion for you to gift a friend, especially in a good quality model.

3. Slippers


If you are looking for a more economical and useful item, this is a good alternative. It’s perfect for everyday life and can please friends of the most diverse styles. After all, everyone has those moments that ask for more lightness and tranquility.

4. Board game

Board game

This is a very interesting tip for friends who like games. The cool thing is that the gift will also serve to make friends’ meetings more interactive and fun.

5. Funny games

Funny games

This is one of those affordable gifts that can be given on any occasion and will also help provide moments of fun and leisure. It’s worth investing in a really fun game to play with friends.

6. Sporting item

Sporting item

For friends who like to practice physical activity, are passionate about football or simply who love to have fun playing with the ball, this gift is a really cool tip.

7. Men’s necklace

Men's necklace

For friends who like a more stylish look, this option is right. This is a chain with a basic design, size that does not weigh on the look and most importantly, it is of good quality and does not darken over time.

8. Ring


This accessory is a little more crafted piece, which stands out in the look. The red stone brings a lot of personality. It is the type of gift that is more suitable for men with a more striking and authentic style.

9. Sneakers

Men's Sneakers

This is a very basic and casual model, perfect for everyday life. It’s the kind of gift that can be quite useful and goes with everything. Therefore, it can please the most diverse tastes.

10. BBQ Kit


If your best friend is also the barbecue chef in the class, then this is the ideal gift option to please him. This kit contains accessories to be used when cutting and roasting meats.

11. Whiskey


For the friend who appreciates good drinks, then this suggestion will please and surprise. A great quality Whiskey is perfect for gifting someone you love so much. It’s a very assertive bet.

12. Fun pillow

Fun pillow

A pillow in this style can be a very funny and fun gift. It’s an ideal idea if you want the moment to be more relaxed and fun. It will definitely be a very creative gift!

13. Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag

This is a very original gift that can help a lot in your friend’s routine. This is a bag to carry items for personal use, ideal for those who go to the gym, who have a more hectic work routine or who travel constantly.

14. Perfume


A very classic, elegant and sophisticated gift. It is a sure suggestion that can please men of the most diverse styles. That is, it is that gift for all tastes. Good bet when you feel in doubt about what to buy.

15. Sweatshirt


A basic piece of clothing that is very useful in everyday life and can also be an option for those friends who like a more casual look. It’s something the person will be able to use a lot and always remember you.

16. Thematic slippers

Men's Slipper Dragon

Slippers are perfect for staying at home as they keep your feet warm and comfortable. Also, if you choose a model themed from a movie or a series that your friend likes, the gift will be even more special.

17. Mug


This is one of those practical and certain alternatives. The mug is a very useful item in everyday life and if it has a design that matches his personal style, then it looks even better. For coffee lovers, this is an excellent tip.

18. Neck pillow

Neck pillow

It’s an option far from the obvious, but it can please. This pillow has its own design to promote cervical relaxation, provide comfort and support for the neck. Perfect for those who travel a lot.

19. Picture frame

Picture frame

In addition to being a decorative piece, you can put a picture of you with your friend or the group of friends, making it a very symbolic gift. It’s something to immortalize the friendship and the good times lived together.

20. Men’s Bracelet

Men's Bracelet

This is a very stylish bracelet, ideal for friends who like to wear accessories and who cultivate a style with a little more personality and presence. It is delicate and modern.

21. Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

A special gift for your best friend who is passionate about music. It can be taken anywhere, as it has a super practical size. In addition, it is waterproof and therefore can be safely used in the shower or in the pool.

22. Beer bar kit

Beer bar kit

For a good beer connoisseur, this is a very cool gift suggestion. Wonderful and sophisticated kit, to make the moments of having a cold one even better.

23. Beer kit

Beer kit

This is one of those respectful gifts for a beer connoisseur. This kit contains several craft beers for an unforgettable tasting. Your best friend will love to receive and have this experience.

24. Popcorn Holder pillow

Popcorn Holder Pillow

Very creative accessory that offers greater comfort when watching movies, series and even football. Allows you to store popcorn and drinks safely. Good suggestion also if your best friend is a gamer.

25. Miniature dolls

Miniature dolls

For those who like representations of their favorite characters, these mini dolls are ideal gifts for a true fan, whether from movies, anime or video games. In addition to collectibles, they are very cool and there are several options to choose the coolest one.

26. Beard kit

Beard kit

If you have a bearded friend, then this is the option that is all about him. This kit contains specific products to keep your beard healthy and beautiful. They are personal care products that convey affection. Worth the bet.

27. Friendship Necklace/Keychain

Friendship Necklace

If you are looking for something more symbolic, then this is a very interesting option. It is a key ring where each one keeps half, symbolizing friendship, partnership and companionship. In addition, it is a very cheap accessory.

28. Prepaid card

Prepaid card

If your friend loves listening to music, podcasts, playing games or watching, this is a gift idea that will please and surprise. It is a gift that provides an experience, moments to enjoy a hobby, being an excellent option. Remember to choose the card according to the person’s tastes.

29. Wireless headset

Wireless headset

A modern accessory, which can make a lot of difference in routine. This headphone is perfect for those who practice sports and like to listen to music while moving, for those who spend a lot of time in front of the pc and especially for gamers.

30. Video game

Video game

If your friend is a gamer, then a sure and excellent suggestion to give him a gift is a game. It is something practical and that will provide moments doing what he likes.

31. Mobile game controller

Mobile Game Controller

Another perfect option for those who have the hobby of playing. This control allows you to use your cell phone screen for this purpose, bringing much more practicality, allowing you to play from anywhere. It’s more of an original gift.

32. Decorative frame of characters

Decorative frame of characters

A very good suggestion to gift yourself, because in addition to being decorative, it still refers to something that the person likes or is a fan. You can give a model that is perfect for those who enjoy Marvel characters.

33. Portable charger

Portable charger

This is that gift idea that you can’t go wrong with, as it is something that is very useful in everyday life. This charger helps a lot, as it is an extra charge for the cell phone battery. For those who like to be always connected, it’s a hand on the wheel.

34. Cap


Generally, some men often wear a cap. Some for style reasons, others for sun protection, on more specific occasions. So it’s an interesting alternative. This is a very sophisticated, modern model that will certainly please.

35. Character pad

Character pad

For the best friend who is a fan of a character, then this is a creative suggestion for a gift. The pillow is very useful in the daily life of the house, but it still has a decorative function and in this model, it will leave the favorite corner with the person’s face and personality.

36. Drinking game

Drinking game

This is one of those gifts that will please friends who like drinks and fun times with the guys. A game like this will serve for moments of great relaxation.

37. Course in book

Course in book

This is a really cool alternative for you who want to encourage your best friend to learn something new. It is an excellent choice if he wants to travel abroad and learn a new language.

38. Portable coffee maker

Portable coffee maker

Any coffee lover will be delighted to receive a gift like this. This coffee maker allows you to prepare your drink anywhere, in a very practical way. It’s something creative, original and very enjoyable.

39. Instax camera

Instax camera

This is a little more expensive item, but well worth it. This camera is amazing and allows you to develop the photos taken on the spot. It is a very interesting option for those friends who love to photograph everyday life.

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