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5 Best Metaverse Coins 2022: The top 5 projects in the analysis

Find out everything about the 5 best Metaverse Coins and projects for 2022. We explain which crypto-coins can score with great potential and what the prediction for the coming year looks like.

Up until a few years ago, it was reserved for a small group of gamers to earn money with video games: e-athletes who have honed their skills over many years and are among the absolute elite in their field.

However, with the advent of blockchain-based video games, it is no longer necessary to invest so much time in achieving professional status. Instead, even casual gamers can certainly earn a passive income with the hobby they love.

The so-called play-To-Earn (P2E) principle is persistent in the Metaverses where different mini-games offer the possibility, simply playing the respective cryptocurrency to snag or a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to get that can be traded with other players and collectors. The secondary market, in particular, is a good opportunity for many interested parties to quickly turn the rare collector’s items into a small fortune.

The community is growing steadily.

There are already almost 1.5 million players a day who use a variety of metaverses and generate a transaction volume of over one hundred million US dollars per day.

We have picked out the most promising projects and presented them in more detail.

What is the Metaverse?

Even if the term “Metaverse” was actually used for the first time in the 1990s, it has gained a lot in importance in recent years – and at the latest with the renaming of Facebook to “Meta”. In the crypto area, it alludes to a virtual and decentralized universe that is detached from the analog world and in which users can live as freely and creatively as possible.

One of the best-known examples of this is the video game “Second Life”, which created the first hype around online worlds in 2003 and is still used by almost a million users every day.

The game is roughly based on the ideas of “Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games” (MMORPG) such as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14. Still, it dispenses with classic predefined features such as quests, a storyline, or straightforward tasks. Instead, the players shape the virtual world and its content, who can implement their ideas themselves.

The developers only provide the “basic building blocks” in a blockchain-based metaverse”. Usually, players can buy virtual land and implement video games and NFTs with the help of various software solutions. The latter can take multiple forms and can even be used or worn in small, self-made games.

Best Metaverse Coins 2022

Even if blockchain-based video games are still in their proverbial infancy, there are already many developers who have been pushing the genre for some years and are constantly pushing the technical possibilities.

At the same time, more promising projects are coming onto the market that wants to exploit their potential with new ideas and implementations. Let’s look at the five projects that could see particularly strong growth this year.

The Sandbox

Behind the blockchain metaverse, The Sandbox is a universe that is visually strongly based on the popular Minecraft video game and, at the same time, wants to offer its users as free and creative a blueprint as possible.

Land owners can implement buildings, games, and other ideas, develop NFTs themselves and send them to the community via play-to-earn or other methods. The aim is to create as comprehensive an ecosystem as possible around the native SAND token.

The Sandbox offers a huge map with many lands that users can buy and trade.

The Sandbox offers particularly great potential because of the high technical performance and the many well-known partners already present in the Metaverse. In addition to the well-known music producer Deadmau5 and rapper Snoop Dogg, there are also companies such as ATARI, Samsung Next, Com2uS, or LG Technology Ventures.

In addition, the developers have planned a large number of other features that will make the game attractive for users and investors in the long term.

Cross the Ages

Behind Cross the Ages, there is an NFT-based Trading Card Game (TCG), which not only relies on the play-to-earn principle, but will even offer the option of converting the digital cards into analog versions as soon as a certain number is reached was collected in advance. An integrated marketplace is also intended to make trading the various cards easier.

Card games like Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone have shown that the market for this genre is huge – Hearthstone alone reached over 100 million players in 2018. Cross the Ages thus offers huge potential, which is only increased by the hype surrounding NFTs.

Sixty-six international artists were hired to give the Metaverse maps a unique flair. The native token “CRYSTALS” also functions as a resource and currency in the game and is intended to play an important role in using the many different cards.

Galaxy Fight Club

The idea behind Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is as simple as it is ingenious: What if every user could also use their own NFTs from other games to compete against other players? This is what GFC wants to achieve: In fights that are visually very reminiscent of the mobile game “Brawl Stars” (over 100 million downloads), players can use NFTs from other games by simply linking the corresponding wallet.

Galaxy Fight Club would like to enable the use of NFTs from other games.

At the same time, GFC’s native token – the $ GCOIN – can be won in player-versus-player battles, 3-vs-3 tournaments, and the modern Battle Royal mode. Also practical: the video game is not only available for the PC but can also be used via iOS and Android, which appeals to a broader mass of gamers all over the world.

Home World

This Metaverse is primarily aimed at casual gamers who don’t want to spend hundreds of hours learning new skills. Instead, there is a mixture of a simple match-3 idea (similar to Candy Crush Saga) and strategic depth through different heroes and skills. In addition, various game modes will entertain the player base in the long term.

In Himo World, there are NFT heroes with different rarities to be found.

Home World is already convincing because it combines many genres and, despite its simplicity, also implements strategic ideas. In addition, players can not only participate in tournaments or sell the heroes and skills as NFT, but even bet on the outcome of various fights. At the same time, there is a big world to explore and many features to discover.


For us, Decentraland is the “most classic” Metaverse in our top 5. So it is strongly reminiscent of Second Life both in terms of appearance and structure and enables you to implement your own video games or other ideas about purchasing plots of land. Many landowners also offer users the option of collecting the native token of the game (MANA) or finding NFTs of various rarities via P2E.

Even if the Metaverse opened its doors to everyone at the beginning of 2020, at the end of 2021, it benefited greatly from the hype surrounding Facebook’s “Meta”. At the same time, it is enough to look at even such old games as Second Life, which has attracted a large number of games from this genre and will continue to exist in the long term. Some of the NFTs from the Metaverse are already among the most sought-after.

Will 2022 be the year of Metaverse Coins?

One of the biggest factors in the Metaverse hype in 2021 was definitely the renaming of Facebook to “Meta”. But even if this has given an upturn, NFTs and the associated blockchain games have been considered the “new big thing” in the gaming market for some time.

Even major video game developers and publishers have not only recognized this trend, but they have also taken it up – Ubisoft has announced in a press release that it intends to use NFTs in its in-house games. More large companies are most likely to follow this trend in 2022.

At the same time, smaller developers come out with their ideas and bring the Metaverse ideas to the market. What began as a small niche in the gaming sector is developing more and more into the mainstream – and will ultimately change video games forever. Examples like Axie Infinity show this very clearly.

Which metaverse coins can really prevail depends on many factors – planning and implementation by the developer, fun and acceptance by the community, and scaling options for the future are important factors for the success of a metaverse.


However, it seems clear that the idea behind the blockchain-based Metaverse is not a short-term trend but will keep players and developers busy in the years to come.

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