Best University to Study Nursing in Nigeria 2023

Best University to Study Nursing in Nigeria

Have you been searching for the best University to Study Nursing in Nigeria? Do you want to know the top ten best Universities to study accounting? Or which University is best in Nigeria to study Nursing? 

Are among looking for Best State-owned University to study Nursing in Nigeria or Best Federal University to enroll for Nursing program in Nigeria? If yes, search no more, as this post is for you.

I will show you the best University to study Nursing in Nigeria in this post. This means that you will get to know the best Universities that are good for Nursing in Nigeria.

For those who wish to study this nursing profession in Nigeria, it is appropriate for you to know the salary of Nurses in Nigeria.

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What is Nursing all about?

Nursing is a health science specialty dedicated to attending, caring for, healing, or curing the person in a state of illness or injury. It includes surveillance and assistance when the human being is sick to guarantee a safe environment.

Therefore, the fundamental objective of nursing is to receive the patient, stabilize their health, perform tests and maintain constant observation to obtain excellent results according to the treatment provided to the patient.

Professionals who study nursing are called nurse or nurses, thus adopting the right to work in public and private centers. The degree level of study is technical and university. In addition, the nurse has the ability to take care of one or even a group of people, either in their homes or in hospitals. Also, attend the doctor who is on duty in the centers.

Best University to Study Nursing in Nigeria

Below is the list of the Best University to Study Nursing in Nigeria.

  1. University of Calabar

  2. Lagos State University College of Medicine

  3. University of Nigeria

  4. University of Uyo

  5. University of Maiduguri

  6. Bowen University

  7. University of Port Harcourt

  8. University of Jos

  9. Ahmadu Bello University

  10. Ebonyi State University

Best of luck, as you know, top Universities that are good for Nursing in Nigeria. It will be best you know other universities that offer Nursing.


List of Universities Offering Nursing in Nigeria

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