Can I Apply For NSFAS Twice? 2023

can I apply for NSFAS twice 2022

Is it possible to apply for NSFAS Twice? Who can apply for NSFAS funding twice? I will show you How To apply for NSFAS twice 2023 without much stress. Can NSFAS fund you twice?

If you have been asking whether you can apply for NSFAS twice, then this post is for you.

This is one of the FAQs about NSFAS students that were not accepted or successful. Let’s go straight to the main topic.

Can I Apply For NSFAS Twice?

Yes, you can apply for NSFAS funding twice, but that is if your previous application was not successful or rejected. Students that already whose applications was accepted and currently receiving funding from NSFAS don’t need to apply again.

Who can apply for NSFAS Twice?

Students who didn’t perform well at a minimum of 50% pass their modules in their academic performance. NSFAS funding will be revoked if you don’t meet up the requirement to continue receiving funding from NSFAS. 

All you need to do is to Write an NSFAS Appeal Motivation letter for reconsideration to continue benefiting from NSFAS.

Students with a gap year will need to apply for NSFAS funding again.

NSFAS N+2 rule states that “students who take gap year do not qualify for funding when they resume continuing school”.

How To Apply Twice For NSFAS

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the “MyNSFAS” tab

  3. Create “MyNSFAS Account” tab

  4. Click on the “Apply” tab

  5. Enter your details

  6. Upload all the required supporting documents

  7. Submit your NSFAS online application.

That’s how to complete the NSFAS application.

Do You Need To Apply Again For NSFAS Funding?

Yes, you can apply again if you currently do not have funding or your previous NSFAS application was rejected or unsuccessful.

That’s all you need to know on the topic. Can I apply for NSFAS Twice?

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