A Look at JAMB CAPS and School Admission

Difference between JAMB CAPS and School Admission

Confused about the differences between JAMB CAPS and School Admission? This post breaks it down, helping you navigate the admission process. As a student seeking admission in Nigeria, it is important to understand the difference between JAMB CAPS and School Admission.

In this post, we will explore the major differences between these two admission processes and how they are interconnected. By the end of this article on JAMB CAPS and School Admission, you will be equipped with the knowledge to make informed determinations about your admission process.

I will start with some necessary information about JAMB.

JAMB was established to ensure that only qualified candidates are admitted to tertiary institutions in Nigeria. After you register for JAMB, you provide relevant information, and JAMB uses this data to process your admission. JAMB has the power to upload the admission offered to students in any of the Universities, Polytechnics, or Colleges of Education in Nigeria. You will be offered provisional admission if you meet the admission cut-off mark for your school of choice. It is important to check your JAMB admission status regularly, as JAMB only regulates the admission offered to students.

What is JAMB CAPS?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) regulates admission into Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. Once students register for JAMB, they provide relevant information that JAMB uses to process their admission. JAMB admission is based on whether or not the student meets the admission cut-off mark for their school of choice. JAMB does not give admission but regulates it in collaboration with tertiary institutions to ensure only suitably qualified candidates are admitted. JAMB has the names and scores of all UTME candidates and those who meet the admission requirements will be selected and be offered provisional admission. Students can log in to their JAMB CAPS profile, where they will see the option to either accept or reject the admission given to them.

What is School Admission?

Upon completing all necessary exams, a school of choice collects and submits the names of qualified candidates to JAMB by following the admission quota as stated by JAMB. The school admission list is then uploaded to the JAMB portal. Schools that fail to abide by JAMB’s rules may find themselves in a situation where JAMB will reject their admission list, and new names will have to be drafted and resubmitted to JAMB for final review and approval. JAMB then issues an admission letter to the student, which will be used during their university’s clearance.

Key Differences between JAMB CAPS and School admission

JAMB admission and school admission are synchronized; one does not happen without the other. The primary difference between JAMB and school admission is that JAMB regulates the admission offered to students, while the school of choice processes and submits the names of qualified candidates to JAMB. JAMB admission is based on the admission cut-off mark, while school admission is based on the admission quota, as stated by JAMB.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if JAMB gave me admission but school did not?

Admission to JAMB is usually based on the list submitted by your school of choice to JAMB portal, so the deal here is, if you are admitted on your JAMB CAPS, then you should find your name in your school of choice admission list in no time.

Is there deadline for accepting admission on JAMB Caps?

Accepting or rejecting admission is usually within 2-3 weeks; students are expected to check their admission status on JAMB daily.

How will I know if the school has given me admission?

Admission from your school of choice can be confirmed by visiting the student portal. All schools have a portal with which students can check for their admission.

How do I know if JAMB has given me admission?

You can tell if you have been admitted by JAMB by checking your JAMB admission status on CAPS.

Is school admission guaranteed if you have JAMB admission?

Yes, once your admission status on JAMB CAPS changes from admission in progress to Admitted, you can be assured that same will reflect on your school of choice portal.

If JAMB has not granted me admission, what steps should I take?

Aside from waiting and being hopeful that it comes out well, there is nothing much you can do. Sooner or later, new names would be uploaded and your name may be included in that list.


Your school of choice admission can be confirmed on your school’s student portal. JAMB Admission can be confirmed by logging in to JAMB CAPS portal.
Schools can offer admission without approval from JAMB, but must be sent to JAMB for regulation and upload. JAMB cannot offer admission without the school’s approval.
Schools determine the admission standard such as Cut off mark, aggregate score, and minimum O’ level requirements. JAMB does not decide the admission standard for a particular University, Polytechnics or Colleges of Education.
Schools are responsible for the admission offered to students, but this admission is regulated by JAMB. JAMB does not give admission, it only regulates admission in collaboration with tertiary institutions.

This table highlights the differences between JAMB Admission and School Admission.

JAMB is responsible for regulating the admission process in collaboration with tertiary institutions while schools are responsible for offering admission to students. Both bodies work together to ensure that admission is based on merit and other agreed-upon criteria. It’s important to note that no student can be offered admission without approval from the school, and no school can offer admission without confirmation and approval from JAMB.

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