Do I Need to Certify my Documents for NSFAS Application 2022?

Do I Need To Certify My Documents For NSFAS Application

Do I Need to certify my Supporting Documents for NSFAS Application 2022? If you have been asking if you need to Certify your Documents For NSFAS Application, this post is for you.

This one of the questions students ask when they are applying for NSFAS funding.

Let’s go straight to the answer.

Do I Need to certify my Documents for NSFAS Application 2022?

No, you don’t need to certify your supporting documents for NSFAS application 2022. NSFAS announced that interested students applying for NSFAS funding for 2022 documents don’t need to be certified for application. This was due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Below is the NSFAS statement:

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, NSFAS has removed the requirements for documents to be certified making it that much easier for you to apply for the #NSFAS2021

Maybe, the current change will continue in the years to come or they may revert to the old requirements after the pandemic is over.

That’s all on the topic that says, “Do NSFAS Supporting Documents Need To Be Certified“.

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