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Are you looking for Funny New Year’s Eve Quotes for 2022? This post is for you. Below you will find the best funny New Year’s Eve quotes to send to your friends, colleagues, loved ones, families, workers online.

  • A lucky pink pig came running at midnight with a burning sparkler in hand. It grunted and squeaked loudly. Hurray. I wish you a happy new year!

  • Today I wish you a happy new year. The old year is gone, we’re trying to redesign everything, but everything stays the same in the end.

  • Pink pigs, chimney sweeps, green clover, everyone knows it. Midnight, Happy New Year, And hey presto, the new year is already here.

  • Remember that you can always change everything in the new year, so I wish you luck today and don’t think back to the bad year.

  • I wish you for the new year: a hand that holds you tight, a net that catches you, a sign that shows you the way, and 1000 stars that illuminate your path.

  • An old door closes, and a new one opens, and again there is another chance for you. To leave the path to take another, not to look back, but only to look forward.

  • Glasses that ring, champagne that bubbles, people who sing, everyone who cheers. That can only mean one thing. Hurray. The time has come. It’s New Year’s Eve again, so I thought of you. In the last seconds, the clock is ticking, so quickly sent a New Year’s Eve greeting

  • Today is New Year’s Eve, everything is flashing, and everything is cracking. I want to think of dear people and give you New Year’s greetings.

  • Shall we dare to dance in the middle of the church tower square? To say goodbye to the old year. Happy new year my darling.

  • I’m a pig and I’ll bring you luck; leave your old worries behind. We want to ride to the chimney sweep. It will make us a cup of clover. You will see that nothing can go wrong in the new year with so much luck.

  • At 12, it’s over again. So I’ll send you the last kiss. But do not worry, in the new year, you will get it uncountable.

  • Rockets light up the sky, the whole world is peaceful. The night is crisp and clear with stars. Everyone wishes a happy new year!

  • I wish you as much luck this year as you need so that you finally stop smoking, that your account is in the black, and that your guardian angel always stays by your side. That you are healthy and happy. And you won’t miss anything this year!

  • As many stars as in the sky, as much hay as in every field. As many snowflakes as falling from the sky, as much as warm sunbeams, I wish you so much luck today, for this new year and all time.

  • When the sparklers burn, it’s time to go out. We have to part with the old year, but we can look forward to the new.

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