How to Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score in 2021- All you need to know

How to Gain Admission with low Jamb Score

How to Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score: Do you have a low Jamb score?

Is your Jamb score not up to the cutoff mark for your Course or University?

Is your Jamb score very low and you don’t know what to do?

I know there are thousands of students who are also in the same situation currently, so I have decided to share this article today. Consequently, if you have written JAMB examination, but you are not sure of gaining admission because of your low score, this article will be an eyeopener as I will discuss how you gain admission with a low JAMB score. Trust me; you will not regret reading this work.

How You Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score in 2021

1. Apply for a change of course or institution form

One way to gain admission even with a very low JAMB score is to apply for a JAMB change of course and institution form. Change forms are often sold to aspirants who cannot gain entry with a low JAMB score. In the form, an aspirant is expected to change their course choice to something else.

Universities in Nigeria often sell their change of course form after being required to release all their admission lists for the year. However, some universities can do it at any time. So if you have been afraid of a slim chance of getting accepted into the university with a low JAMB score, then you should not panic at all. Make sure to get the change form as soon as it goes on sale.

Another preliminary thing to do if you have a low JAMB score is to reapply for a less competitive institution. No doubt, some institutions in Nigeria are less competitive and also very easy to access. So with your low JAMB score, your chances of getting admission are more consolidated.

2. Apply for universities that do not require JAMB result before admission:

Another way to gain admission with a low JAMB score is to apply for admission from institutions that do not require JAMB results to provide admission. Well, I think this will surprise you a little bit. Still, there are so many tertiary institutions in Nigeria that students are not required to present their JAMB exam results before offering admission.

Examples of universities that do not require JAMB results before offering admission are private universities. Apart from that, there are also ways to gain admission without a JAMB examination.

3. Read hard for Post-UTME

Initially, post UTME screenings would be in-house examinations conducted by various institutions in Nigeria to test the knowledge of students who have passed JAMB and wish to study in school. However, Post UTME exams are even more critical than the JAMB examination these days, as many institutions in Nigeria use them to increase the JAMB scores of aspirants.

A student who has about 200 JAMB exams should not lose hope of getting admission into their dream school as it is still possible to read and pass after the UTME exam with excellent results. This system has helped many students with very low JAMB scores to get admitted.

All it takes is to prepare well for your Post-UTME exam and try to get a better score. So with your low JAMB score, you can gain admission by preparing well for the Post-UTME examination.

So far, I have mentioned and explained some ways to gain admission with a low JAMB score in 2021. I am optimistic that you will no longer panic about the preceding because your JAMB score is very low.

Just use any of the above points to make your chances of admission favorable. I hope this article was helpful? I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to contribute to this topic.

Schools To Get Admission Without JAMB

If your JAMB Score is really very low, there is also a way you can gain admission into the University without losing any year. See Universities That Offer Admission Without JAMB. Also, did you know that you can gain admission directly into 200 level without JAMB? Click here to see how.

That’s it guys on the advice concerning Jamb score breakdown. I do hope this will be very helpful and do please share this with others and help them as well.

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