How to Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score in 2023

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Is it possible to Get Admission With Low JAMB Score in 2023? Do you have a low Jamb score?

Is your Jamb score not up to the cutoff mark for your Course or University?

Is your Jamb score very low, and you don’t know what to do?

Many JAMB candidates who didn’t perform well find it challenging to get admission to some higher institution. 

This article is mainly for those with low JAMB scores that want to get admission in 2023. 

Below you will learn how to use the low score to get Admission to Polytechnics or Universities in Nigeria. Let’s get started.

How to Get admission with a low jamb score in 2023

There are many ways to get admission with a low Jamb score. 

Apply for Jamb Change of Institution/Course

It will be best if you do Change of Institution and Course to other options available first. Some institution accepts candidates with high JAMB score in some course of study. For instance, the minimum JAMB score for Nursing is 240, likewise other competitive courses. The form cost #2500 at the JAMB portal.

Note: You need to research less competitive higher institutions like private universities or polytechnics suitable for you.

The possibility of gaining admission with a low JAMB score is very high compared with State and Federal owned institutions. So you don’t need to worry and stay a year at home waiting for the next exam.

 Do well in Post UTME

UTME Screenings in another form of exam strictly Computer-Based that some institutions conduct to test the aspirants’ knowledge. Post UTME questions are primarily from current affairs, everyday life, and general studies. The exam is over 100, while JAMB is over 400. Post-UTME is another alternative to get admission into a higher institution to any course of your choice. 

First, you need to do is study hard, read past Post UTME questions. If you get a better score in Post UTME, chances of getting admission into your dream course and school are very high compared to those with high JAMB scores but who didn’t perform well in Post UTME.

We urge you to prepare very well for your screening exam and don’t lose hope. 

Apply for institution that does not require JAMB results before admission

 The third way to get admission with a low JAMB score in 2023 is for institutions that provide JAMB results is unnecessary. Some higher institution does not require JAMB result when applying for admission. This may be a kind of surprise, but it’s real and possible. 

Private universities do not require any JAMB results before they give admission. This means one can apply using awaiting results. 

Note: There are other ways to get admission without JAMB, for example, IJMB, JUPEB, etc.

 We hope the three ways to get admission with a low JAMB score above have answered the question, “can I get admission with a low Jamb score”. So, there is still hope to get admission to a higher institution without sitting for the exam again.

If you have friends that have a similar problem, kindly share this post with them. 

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