Grounds on which NSFAS Approve Appeals 2023?

Grounds on which NSFAS Approve Appeals

Will NSFAS accept my appeal? On what ground do NSFAS accept appeals for funding? Certain conditions on which NSFAS approve appeals in 2023. 

Above are some of the questions NFSAS applicants or students that want to appeal to NSFAS for funding 2023.

The only alternative to follow after being denied or your NSFAS online application was rejected is to appeal. Many students do have a double mind whether NFSAS will approve their appeal application to benefit from the funding program in their education.

So in this article, I will explain what grounds NSFAS approve appeal, will NSFAS accept my appeal, is NSFAS appeal free?

Let’s get started.

Will NSFAS accept my appeal?

Yes, NSFAS will accept your appeal in line with the grounds that appeal can be approved. 

There are two factors or conditions NSFAS considers whether your appeal is rejected or accepted funding.

The factors are:

  • Did you meet the grounds on which NSFAS approve appeals?
  • Were you qualified for NSFAS funding in your previous rejected application?

How to qualify for NSFAS appeal 2023?

To qualify for NSFAS appeal, you have to ensure that you meet all the requirements for NSFAS programme. Also, note that NSFAS does provide the reasons why your previous applications were not successful or rejected. So, with that, you can know what you need to be qualified for appeal.

For instance, you failed to upload all the required documents when applying in your previous application. Your NSFAS funding applications will be rejected due to “missing documents”. This means if you want NSFAS to consider your appeal, you must upload those missing documents that you didn’t upload before.

What are the Grounds on which NSFAS approve appeal 2023? 

Below are some grounds on which your NSFAS appeal can be accepted and approved:

  1. Change in Combined Household Income

  2. Previously funded but lose funding

  3. When a student takes a gap year

  4. Failed to meet academic performance requirements

  5. More than one student enrolled in an institution at the same time

  6. Failure to meet academic performance requirements

  7. Applying for an approved postgraduate qualification

  8. Failed to enroll in an institution when NSFAS approved your funding

  9. Left school based on medical condition

Note: Your appeal must fall into at least one of the grounds above for NSFAS to consider your application. Also, your NSFAS appeal must have reasons. 

So, all these factors will be considered by NSFAS before approving an appeal application to fund you in TVET college or university.

If you are yet to appeal to NSFAS, kindly download the NSFAS appeal form PDF to appeal.

How much does it cost to appeal to NSFAS?

NSFAS appeal is free. You don’t need to pay any fee before you can appeal.

How long does NSFAS take to approve appeal?

There is no fixed time NSFAS takes to approve an appeal for funding. However, NSFAS approves appeals as fast as possible even though they receive numerous appeal motivation letters for consideration.

Will NSFAS accept my appeal?

The answers are based on whether you meet up the grounds on which NSFAS approves appeal. Many students that appeal to NSFAS for funding do get approved. Also, note that there are rules or guidelines on which NSFAS appeal letters are being written and what they must contain to create empathy for consideration. 

So, it will be best to check our article on how to write an engaging NSFAS appeal motivational letter. You will get to know how to put your letter in order. You can also download NSFAS appeal letter PDF and start now.

Where can I submit my NSFAS appeal letter?

You are expected to submit your NSFAS appeal letter to the appropriate agencies so that it will reach NSFAS.

 If you don’t know how to submit it, kindly read our article on how to submit an NSFAS appeal letter to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. 

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