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The holiday is over at the turn of the year, and the New Year’s Eve is only a short time ago with good memories. Now it is time for the first day of work in the new year. Perhaps New Year’s Eve was celebrated with friends and colleagues, and the good wishes were conveyed simultaneously. Employees also want to convey New Year wishes to their boss at work. But what must be considered so that the New Year wishes for the boss don’t come across as wrong?

1. Clarity about the employee-boss relationship

The decisive factor for the New Year’s wishes is certainly the relationship with the boss. If the company is rather small and the informal relationship, the wishes will undoubtedly be different from those in a large company. Does the employee want to convey wishes to their direct superior or the management itself?

Did the boss help over the past year with an advanced salary in overcoming a financial crisis, or was the employee promoted? It may just as well be that the boss himself has had a challenging year, and you want to encourage him again with New Year’s wishes.

2. Alone or in a team?

New Year wishes for the boss can be conveyed by just one employee or by a team or department. In large companies, it certainly makes sense to team up with other colleagues on New Year’s greetings for the boss. Imagine that the managing director of a large company comes into his office in the New Year and finds many New Year wishes from his employees – the joy is undoubtedly limited. If the New Year wishes for the boss are more personal, discretion should be maintained. Gossip spreads quickly in large and small businesses. A harmless, well-intentioned greeting can quickly turn into preferential treatment or even an affair.

3. Don’t ask for anything!

Happy New year wishes to the boss should not initiate the upcoming salary discussion or put yourself and your qualities in the foreground. At most, they can remember themselves as an employee and a person. In the case of New Year’s wishes (for the boss), the name says it all: The message should also contain wishes for the addressee, such as happiness, success, health, good times, and healthy employees. Own needs or even criticism of colleagues do not belong in the New Year message to the boss.

Superiors also look forward to New Year’s wishes from their employees. Suppose a few things are taken into account. In that case, the new year can also start successfully with good wishes from a professional point of view and contribute to a good employee-boss relationship.

New year wishes to boss 2022

Let go of the old and be ready
for a new, as yet undiscovered time,
for exciting moments and new deeds that
are waiting for us in the new year.


Now the old year is moving away,
soon a new one will begin.
It brings us all new opportunities,
we will hopefully like it.
So slide in successfully
and let it be “five” times
it is celebrated, there is a laugh
on today’s New Year’s Eve!


Once again at the turning point,
the old year is drawing to a close. We wish you a
lot of success and creativity
after New Year’s Eve
for the new, as well as innovative ideas,
your team will be behind you.


Dear boss, it is done,
the year is over, New Year’s Eve,
give away one last wish, consider
dear people with it,
health, happiness and a lot of joy,
for the new I wish you today.


The year ended, a lot achieved,
with a lot of vigor and a lot of strength,
saying goodbye, a look back
in the new year, I wish you good luck,
good success and a lot of health
and a lot of time for your ideas.


A loud bang in the sky,
the old year is leaving the world
and everyone on earth wishes
that many things get better in the new.


We have all had a great year
, and I enjoyed working for you.
You are a boss who stands by us.
That it will
continue to grow as a good team in the new year .
is desirable without faxing at all.


The old year was great, yes, just wonderful,
we had many exciting and successful days
but I sincerely wish you for the new year
that the company bears even more golden fruit!


The new year should bring you luck,
may you succeed in every project.


The year ends today,
for the new one wishes for a turning point,
for even more success and striving forwards, so
that there will be many orders
for us staff and your company,
then there will only be tears of joy in the new.


Do not say goodbye to the old year with sadness,
the new year brings new opportunities and is sure to be good!


In the firecrackers noise and
flares glow, a no pig comes
with a four-leaf clover in its mouth
and wishes: “Good luck and stay healthy”!


What is over is over, there is no
going back, we wish good luck and success for the new year!


The old year is buried with honors today
and on New Year’s Eve some will wonder
what the next year will write in the book of life,
whether the good may stay and the bad,
whether the new is also great about health stands?
We wish our boss
good luck and only the very best for the next 365 days, no question about it!


I say goodbye to the old year with sadness!
My heart is full of memories of you,
moments when I cried and laughed out loud,
and when I learned how to do something better.
Now I let go of you, this is the passage of time
and I am ready for the new year full of excitement.


Happy new year to boss


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