How to Change MyNSFAS phone number 2023

How to Change MyNSFAS phone number

Are you searching for how to change your MyNSFAS phone number? Where can I update MyNSFAS account phone number? I will show you how to change MyNSFAS phone number without much stress on this page. If you have been asking for steps to change MyNSFAS phone number successfully, then this post is for you. Let’s get started.

How to Change MyNSFAS phone number?

See how to change the phone number in your MyNSFAS account.

  • Log into your myNSFAS account
  • Update your contact details
  • Go to the “NSFAS Connect” tab
  • Create a case
  • Submit a picture of your ID using a cell phone
  • Enter your old and new number in the description section
  • Indicate that you want to change your myNSFAS phone number

If you are can’t login to your myNSFAS account to submit this request, you may send a request to NSFAS via the NSFAS social media inbox or email.

That’s process to follow if you want to change your MyNSFAS phone number successfully.

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Why Should I Change My Email for MyNSFAS Account?

You need to update your MyNSFAS email in profile if you can no longer access the current email address or decided not to use it anymore. You may choose to change your email for no reason. It will be best you change your MyNSFAS password when someone has access to it or forgot it.

Can I use Email to Login into my NSFAS Account?

No, you only use the username and password you used when creating an account to login into your MyNSFAS profile.

Can I Use Someone’s Email For Your MyNSFAS Account?

Yes, you can use someone’s email if the email is not linked to any MyNSFAS account. It will be best to use your email to avoid stories that touch.

How many times can I Update MyNSFAS Email?

There are no specific times you can update or change your MyNSFAS account email. It will be best to maintain one email to avoid permanently losing your funding account.

What is the importance of Your MyNSFAS Account email?

Your account email is very important because that’s one of the primary communication links between you and NSFAS. 

You can ask your questions below about how do I change MyNSFAS Account phone number.


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