How to Conquer Loneliness While Studying Online

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Thanks to new technologies, the possibility of studying online may be the solution for those who must combine studies and work. However, there is a myth that this modality does not have the necessary academic support.

Tips for studying online in 2021

Learn about different strategies so that you can take advantage of your career and that studying online is a great experience:

  1.  Studying online does not mean being alone:  Find out if the institution you want to join as a student support system. This is very important since you will establish a more direct and expeditious relationship with the institution.
  2. Your colleagues, the best allies: In the forums, participate actively with your colleagues. They can also help you live this stage and feel accompanied.
  3. Not everything is studied:  Stay informed about the extracurricular activities offered by the institution and sign up for them.
  4. Your participation is important:  Always participate in educational forums to have direct contact with your teachers and answer questions.
  5.  Tell your family or friends what you are doing:  Start a conversation with your closest ones about what you learned in the last module, it will surely be an interesting topic, and you will express how you feel.
  6. If you are not comfortable or have doubts, write to your teacher:  The teacher in online education will always be willing to answer questions, accept comments and guide you in case you do not understand how to solve an evaluation.

Learn autonomously

Students who participate in distance education have characteristics that differentiate them from other students. When using technological platforms, an immediate return of information is expected due to the interactivity of the media.

The ideal is for institutions to promote everyday activities so that students look for their peers to compare their knowledge, discuss the course content and solve difficulties.

Even in the online mode, the teachers accompaniment is greater towards the students since the interaction is more personalized, and on many occasions, it occurs daily through emails and forums.

The focus in online education is no longer the transmission of knowledge but the construction of learning through interaction, collaborative dialogue, and the exchange of experiences with both teachers and other students.

How do online classes affect psychologically?

When studying online, there are fewer physical interactions and greater dependence on the use of screens. This can increase students feelings of loneliness. This is why teachers and institutions must change the focus when teaching classes.

The key is to modify the classic teaching model, where the teacher monopolizes information towards a new way of learning centered on students.

In this way, students are invited to work in collaborative activities through all the resources that technology offers us: videos, readings, participation forums, among others.

This type of learning will encourage the student to:

  • Be more free and flexible.
  • Learn even when alone.
  • Be proactive.
  • Get used to educational technology.
  • Get motivated.


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