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Have you written a letter and you don’t know how to fold it for mailing? You may not have to learn much about how to fold a letter, but the truth is that there are some rules to follow to fold a letter correctly. You should even take it more into account if it is a formal letter.

So do not worry, in this article I will show you how to fold a letter with the best styles to save it according to the type of envelope and your type of letter. Let us begin!

Frequent letters to send in an envelope

Nowadays it is not common to send a letter. Still, when we have to do paperwork, an application, or you need to make a formal letter, you can even write an informal letter to a family member, friend, or partner as a form of thanks, greeting, or a special detail.

The most frequent letters that you can keep in an envelope are the following:

  • Application letter
  • Informal letter
  • Formal Letter
  • Business letter
  • Claim letter
  • Love Letter
  • Letter of dismissal

These are some letters that may need a more special double. Since you can play with their styles, there are also several types of envelopes that you can choose to fit what you need perfectly. Some of the most used are square envelopes or rectangular envelopes.

Steps to fold a letter

Since you know what type of letter you will send and in the envelope that you will keep it, you can now learn how to fold a letter so that it fits very well inside the envelope. Follow the steps below and don’t stop sending your letter.

Letter for rectangular envelopes

For rectangular envelopes, it works very well to save formal letters, that is, request letters, request letters, among others, since they fit perfectly to your size. This type of envelope is one of the most used. Fold your letter as follows:

  • Take the letter and fold the page into three parts.
  • Start by folding the letter on the page in half.
  • Make a crease by attaching one end to the line you marked in the middle.
  • Then continue with the same fold to the end of the sheet.
  • Ready, you will have a perfect letter to keep in your envelope and send.

Letter for a window envelope

If your envelope has those small transparent windows, I tell you that it is to see the date and name that you placed inside your letter. To achieve this, you will have to fold the letter in a particular way that I mention below:

  • Make sure to leave a blank space of approximately 5 cm between the beginning of the page and the date. Also, set the format to have 2.5 cm margins on each side.
  • Also, leave a line between the date and the recipient’s name.
  • Once you have the sheet printed, place the sheet face down so that the text is next to you and the date on the other end.
  • Now fold the top of the letter from you to the middle.
  • Then you will see the date with the recipient’s name, so do not fold that part inwards but outwards to close the letter.
  • To know that the letter turned out well, enter the letter in an envelope, and the date information will be visible in that window.

Letter for square envelopes

The letters that work for these envelopes are informal letters, such as: for family, friends, or even work for love letters. Then follow these steps to fold your card correctly:

  1. Fold the sheet in half, that is, center the sheet vertically on a table and join the two bottom corners with the top.
  2. With the help of a ruler or your fingers, mark the fold line so that it does not open and can lie flat inside the envelope.
  3. If your envelope is small, then adjust your sheet to its size, doing the previous step again. Although you fold your sheet a lot, the lines will be marked and not recommended.
  4. So choose to find a square envelope that is the ideal size for your letter.

Now, if you wonder how to make a love letter, you have many options since you can fold it in many different ways, as it is a more creative and customizable letter. There are tutorials where they manage to fold the cards in many different ways. Some of the most frequent are:

  • Fold the letter into a heart shape.
  • Fold the letter into an envelope.
  • Fold the letter in the shape of another origami.

Tips for folding a letter

After writing your letter, it is important that you select the envelope that best fits your letter since it is not recommended that you fold it so many times because the sheet is visually marked is not pleasant. Take note of the following tips so that you learn how to fold a card correctly:

  • Find an envelope that is the same width as the letter size.
  • Use a ruler to better mark and flatten the fold.
  • Don’t make so many fold lines on the letter.
  • Write your letter on a material that is easy to fold.
  • If you will seal your envelope, do so before saving the letter so that it is not marked.
  • Try not to use pencil or colors to write your letter, since when you fold the letters and then open the letter, the text will not be distinguished.

With these tips, you will be able to fold your letter better, remember to choose the type of envelope according to the type of letter you have written. Also, keep in mind that folding a letter wrong without symmetry can reflect carelessness or disinterest when presenting a formal letter.

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