How to pass WAEC in one sitting 2023 (Complete Guide)

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Do you want to learn how to pass WAEC in one sitting 2023 without stress? According to WAEC, 39.8% out of 1.6 million candidates registered in 2023. How to pass WAEC without stress?

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Do you know that some students have written WAEC more than three times making it? Some it may be one or two subjects that they failed. It is very challenging rewriting WAEC without coming out with flying colors. Even getting the money for registration is not easy, and some parents or guardians are still struggling to get money to eat.

Registration for the 2023 exam will commence soon, so it will best learn how to pass WAEC in one sitting before the exam begin.

Let’s get started.

How to Pass WAEC in one sitting 2023

Below are steps to pass WAEC without stress in 2023:

Study ahead of time

 As a student preparing to write the WAEC exam, your reading should not only be based on what you are taught in class. Study ahead of time and try to cover the syllabus. If you prepare well for the WAEC 2022, you will do well.

What are your Weakness

You must not be good in all subjects, but it will be best to find out your weak points. Kindly look for a professional or someone you know to put you through any topic or subject you are not good at. You can also start attending lessons maybe during the weekend or holidays.

What is the essence of sitting for the WAEC exam?

Registration for the WAEC exam is not free. What is your purpose for writing this exam? Are you among those that want to sit for the exam because your parents will register for you? No doubt, some students don’t feel like writing the exam or are not ready.

It would be cool if you didn’t register than wasting money and time.

You were sent to school to learn morals, become future leaders, and remember that you did it for yourself if you did well.

After knowing the purpose of writing the 2023 WAEC exam, you have to study hard to come out with flying colors.

Revision is Necessary

WAEC does set questions from their recommended textbooks. Revising after reading a topic or subject often will make you remember it when needed. The saying that “practice makes perfect” is applicable here. As a human, there’s a possibility that you can forget what you read, but revising will help in recalling what you read.

Focus on the Exam 

Many things will distract you if you don’t concentrate on your exam, leading to not passing WAEC at a sitting.

How to Focus and pass WAEC without stress in 2023 is divided into two categories: During the exam & Before the exam.

Before WAEC Examination

As a student who knows what they want, holidays should be time to go for extra lessons. Go to those that will put you through on the subjects you are not good at. Many students misuse their break or holiday periods into playing video games, excessive sleeping, partying, and doing other unnecessary things.

Always know that time to enjoy will come. If you didn’t plan to pass WAEC 2023, you plan to fail. So, it will be best you make use of your time well.

After the exam, you will still have enough time to do all this enjoyment. So focus on passing WAEC at a sitting.

During WAEC examination

Imagine focusing on your studies even during holidays instead of having fun. In the examination, someone that didn’t prepare for the exam started asking you to tell him or her answers. Do you know what will happen to you if you don’t concentrate and write down what you’ve read?

Know that you may be caught by the supervision and get punished for malpractice. The possibility of forgetting what you read is very high. The person that implicates you may not be caught, and you will end failing the subject.

Time Management

Take note of the stipulated to write the exam. If you are giving a question paper, start with the ones you know first, then later come back to the ones you are unsure of. Doing this will make you manage your time well.

Carefully read the instructions 

Each WAEC exam subject has its own instruction. This can be found on the first page of the question paper. Ignorance of the given instructions is one of the reasons why many candidates fail the exam.

For instance, the number one question is compulsory, while you can answer any other two of your choice. Do you know that you have started failing if you do what you are not asked to do?

For example, the instruction stated that you used a pencil to shade the answers to objectives questions, but you used a pen. It simply means that you got zero in the objective part, which will affect your WAEC result.

Attempt only Questions for your country

WAEC exam is for all West African countries, which means that some questions are meant for a particular country.

Some candidates, out of ignorance, will go and answer questions from another country. It is essential to read the instruction and know how to identify your country’s questions.

Attempt more than instructed

If you were instructed to attempt only three questions from Section B, and you know it well, you decided to go beyond. Doing this may attract a reduction in marks. Every exam has its own rules, and it will be best if you adhere to them.


Bad handwriting is another reason why students fail the WAEC exam even when they know the correct answers. If your handwriting is not clear to the person marking your script, you will be marked down.

So, try and write in clear and bold.

Convince the person marking the scripts with your answer

It is not a must to define a term precisely as it is in the textbook, but it will be best to convince the person you know what you are explaining.

For example, you were asked what a chemical element is. Generally, “element is the basic form of matter that can not be split into simpler substances by chemical reactions”, this is correct. Still give a few examples like Hydrogen, Oxygen.


Don’t mount pressure on yourself. If you fail not to comport yourself, you will end up forgetting what you studied.

Final Verdict 

All the steps above on how to pass WAEC in one sitting are very important. Another thing is not to use the same term you asked to define or explain to answer the question. How can I pass my Wassce Exam?

For instance, you were asked the defined time and went ahead and answered, “time is anything that is used to time something”.

If you follow all the steps to pass WAEC in one sitting in 2022, you are assured of making good grades.

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