How to Upgrade Jamb Score 2023 By Yourself (Free)

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Did you have a low JAMB score in your 2023 JAMB result and want to upgrade your JAMB score to a higher one? Do you want to upgrade your JAMB score for 2023 by yourself or find someone who can help you upgrade your JAMB result officially?

Suppose any of your concerns about getting you to visit this page are related to upgrading your JAMB score for 2023. In that case, I am delighted to officially inform you that this article you are currently reading is devoted to discussing concerns and questions about JAMB score upgrades.

Before we move on to discussing how to upgrade your JAMB result or what you scored in JAMB by yourself or by having someone else do it for you, first of all, let’s discuss why people want them to upgrade JAMB score in the first place.

Why people want to upgrade JAMB score

First of all, only those who scored low in JAMB are looking for ways to upgrade their JAMB score. Those who may have passed their school of choice usually do not need to upgrade their JAMB result.

So if the reason why you want to upgrade your JAMB score because you had a low JAMB score, I sincerely sympathize with you.

You are not alone in this. Many other candidates with a very low score in Jamb have also been looking for ways to upgrade their Jamb result to at least the cutoff mark of the course or university they applied to.

These ones have been asking questions such as:

How do I upgrade my jamb score 2023?

Can I increase my JAMB score?

Is upgrading of JAMB score real?


When it comes to upgrading your low JAMB score to a higher one, I am sorry to inform you that it is impossible to get the JAMB result or JAMB score upgraded.

In other words, this is to inform all Jamb candidates who participated in the latest Jamb examination conducted and had low Jamb scores that upgrading Jamb results is a scam, and candidates should not engage in such activities because it is a waste of money and Time.

Many guys have also commented online and on social media about how candidates can upgrade their Jamb score from a particular number to a higher number.

These guys make it so convincing that they even add fake testimonials to their phone numbers to make Jamb candidates believe that it is real and that it is possible to upgrade Jamb results/score.

Also, scammers are sharing fake testimonials about how UTME candidates can improve their scores on forums, social networking sites, and every other possible way.

Before paying exorbitantly to upgrade your 2023 JAMB UTME result, be sincere by answering this simple question. If upgrading is possible, how many improved results have you seen so far? I am sure there would be no more outages in UTME if possible to upgrade the results.

Please refrain from activities like upgrading Jamb score because it is ONE SCAM.
They will collect your money, and your Jamb score will stay where it is.

If you have a low Jamb score, there is still a way to grant you admission to a higher institution in Nigeria. Check here how to gain admission with a low JAMB SCORE.

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