How to write a good scholarship application letter in 2022

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The application for a scholarship is a vital instance for many families. Obtaining a scholarship means the possibility that the children have access to higher education levels, which, in some countries, costs are prohibitive. For this reason, when applying for the scholarship, be it partial or total, the scholarship application letter plays a relevant role because it will contain all the aspirations of a family. Here, some small tips so that the scholarship application progresses in its process without major inconveniences.

When do we apply for a scholarship?

Although we tend to associate the scholarship application with a university degree due to the influence of television programs, series and films, scholarships are usually a necessity for many families at most educational levels, in those countries where the educational system has a limited free.

We can apply for a scholarship to support intermediate or secondary education, as it is called in some countries. These scholarships can be total or partial. They can cover all or part of the expenses incurred. In some cases, I may demand a kind of “consideration” such as participation in extracurricular activities – sports or science – depending on the student’s abilities. 

The capacities of the applicant student, the economic limitations of their family are taken into account before being awarded. The scholarship application letter must give an account of both requirements at the time it is written.

The application for a scholarship for higher or university studies requires special attention. In the first place, this application must contain the reasons for which the scholarship is requested, and the high school study certificates must accompany the letter. If possible, a letter of reference or recommendation from the school where the applicant studied.

Another instance of a scholarship application is the one that is requested for doctorates, masters, or any postgraduate degree in university education. These scholarships can be requested to develop these educational instances at the university where the university career has been completed, at other universities in the country, or, finally, at universities abroad. There will be a model scholarship application letter for each of them since the requirements vary according to the type of scholarship in question.

What should a scholarship application letter contain?

In general, in most academic institutions, to apply for a scholarship, they submit a series of forms that must be completed by the interested party and some of them by the institution where they have carried out the previous studies. However, accompanying these forms with a scholarship application letter can greatly assist in obtaining the scholarship.

The letter must be addressed to the rector, the academic council, or whoever exercises the highest authority in the said educational institution. Then we will proceed to the presentation, where in addition to saying our name and surname, our place of residence, we will mention the place where we have completed our previous studies. Once we have written our presentation, we will briefly review our academic performance, that is, grades obtained, prizes for participation in science fairs or Olympics in different subjects. 

It is also important to mention the different extracurricular activities that we have developed, related to sports or strictly academic. Let us remember that everything that we put in our scholarship application letter. The corresponding certificates and documentation must perfectly support it. Otherwise, nothing we write in our scholarship application will have any value.

The writing of a scholarship application has to be in line with its objective. Its vocabulary must be markedly academic. Here commercial-type money orders or other models of formal letters are not valid. The scholarship is an instance of academic improvement, and whoever requests it is expected to demonstrate their merit in all instances, including writing a scholarship application letter.

In those applications intended to apply for a scholarship in foreign universities or institutions, it must be taken into account that all documentation, including the scholarship request letter, must be submitted accompanied by their corresponding translations, if necessary. A qualified translator must carry out these translations, duly certified and, in some cases, endorsed by the country’s embassy where the university from which we seek assistance is located.

Another aspect that we must consider when we write our scholarship application is what type of scholarship we are requesting. This can be total or partial. Some scholarships include, for example, study materials, transportation, dining room, accommodation if necessary. Other scholarships cover research tasks, equipment for said research, research trips, etc. In all cases, we must be clear about what we are requesting and why we are requesting it.

With these brief recommendations, we want to accompany one of the most important instances of a person’s life, which is to obtain the necessary resources to access better education and, consequently, a better quality of life.

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