How to write an Original thank you letter in 2022

Thank you letter

For some reason, saying thank you is not usually an easy task, much less when it comes to doing it in writing. A thank you letter is a type of letter much less common than it is thought. In this post, I will give you some tips on how to write a thank you letter and some tricks so that your letter is original and makes a good impression.

When should we send a thank you letter?

The reasons for writing and sending a thank you letter can be many. These reasons can be institutional or personal. Let’s see some examples of each one. If an institution or company has received a favor from another company, it is necessary to respond to that through a thank you letter. When our company is invited to participate in an event, and for some reason, we cannot attend, it is customary to send a thank you letter, which will serve as an apology for not attending. 

In the case of personal thanks, for example, in some countries, after a wedding, the brand new couple usually thank all the guests, through a letter, for having participated. That is to say, almost certainly, we can affirm that the reasons for expressing our gratitude through a letter are infinite.

We do not want to stop pointing out another important aspect. Suppose a worker of a company, for some great action, receives a thank you letter from the company where he works. In that case, this not only implies a personal gratification, but that letter could also go perfectly well to grease the curriculum of that worker. Observe the importance that it can have.

How to prepare a thank you letter?

There are several aspects to consider when writing a thank you letter. For example, the first thing we have to define is whether the letter will be made by hand or on a computer. This is not a minor detail. A handwritten letter acquires an extraordinary personal form. Still, this is conditioned by the good or bad handwriting that the person writing the thank you letter has. If your handwriting is good, I recommend that you write the thank you letter by hand, if you can, use a pen and of course, always black or blue ink. 

If your handwriting is not good, bad handwriting can cause your thank you letter to be a mess, failing to fulfill its mission. In that case, sit down in front of your computer and prepare to write. Use standard fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Choose a suitable font body and that is not too small. Remember that thank you letters are usually short, and if the font is small, the text will be lost on your page.

We are now going to see the paper that we will use for our thank you letter. The quality of the paper plays a fundamental role. In most bookstores or stationeries, there are many quality papers in very attractive shades that can give our letter a vital touch of originality. There are many types of elegant paper on the market today that are suitable for printers. A well-chosen paper gives your letter an enviable elegance. 

Do not forget, when choosing the paper, the envelope where your letter will go and must be in tune with the quality of paper you have selected. If the letter is on behalf of a company, remember to incorporate the company logo into the design.

The text of the thank you letter should be relaxed, without gimmicks in its writing. Your tone should be pleasant, and even if it is a letter from one institution to another, the style should be kept simple and entertaining. 

thank you letter can define the style of a person or institution. Remember that companies have areas dedicated exclusively to institutional communication, which gives you a dimension of the effect that a correctly written letter can produce.

You can find several models of appreciation, but these should only serve as a guide. The important thing about a thank you letter is the personal touch you can give it.

Finally, if it is within the possibilities, specific detail is that the thank you letter is delivered personally, by hand, to its recipient. For this, you can use a courier service hired for such purposes.

With these little tips, I wanted to make it easier for you to write a thank you letter and give it an original touch that provides this correspondence with a distinctive and elegant added value.

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