Is Cornell Test-Optional for 2023?

Is Cornell Test-Optional

Is Cornell test-optional for class of 2023? Do you want to know if Cornell requires SAT or ACT? Or can I apply for admission without test scores at Cornell? This article will guide you.

In this article, you will know if Cornell prefers ACT or SAT, is Cornell test blind or test-optional, and does Cornell requires standardized test scores for international students. Let’s get started.

Is Cornel Test-Optional?

Yes, Cornell University recently announced that they will remain test-optional for high school graduating classes of 2023 and 2024. This means that Cornell’s temporary suspension of ACT/SAT requirements will allow prospective 2023 and 2024 applicants to apply for admission with or without test scores.

Does Cornell Prefer SAT or ACT?

Cornell doesn’t have a preference for the SAT over the ACT. Cornell only requires the SAT or the ACT, not both. This also means that Cornell does not discriminate based on which test scores you submitted with your application. 

Now that you have known that Cornell is test-optional, we recommend you to learn other related test-optional policies in Cornell.

Related Questions

Is Cornell Test Blind or Test-Optional?

Cornell University is test-optional for new applicants in Fall 2023 and Fall 2024. However, Cornell still considers submitted test scores as necessary evidence when making admission decisions.

Is Cornell Test-Optional for Class of 2023?

Yes, Cornell has extended their testing policy for the class of 2023 (Current 11th Grader).

Is SAT Required for Cornell 2022?

It is optional to submit SAT scores for admission to Cornell University for 2022-23 admission cycles. Cornell announced that students wouldn’t be at a disadvantage if they didn’t submit SAT or ACT scores.

Does Cornell accept self-reported scores?

Yes, Cornell University allows applicants to self-report their test scores for ACT/SAT on their application. This means that Cornell accepts self-reported standardized scores from students that would like to submit ACT or SAT scores. In other words, Cornell allows self-reporting.

Is Cornell Test Optional for International Students?

Cornell is test-optional for International students Fall 2022, 2023, 2024 entry.

That’s all on Cornell University’s latest admissions testing policies. Stay tuned for update on Cornell Test Optional Admissions Policies.

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