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Are you among those searching for what JAMB Syllabus for Biology 2022 is all about? In this post, I will be covering all the details you need to know about JAMB Syllabus For Biology 2022.

I will show you the verified, approved JAMB Syllabus For Biology 2022, Biology UTME Syllabus 2022 PDF File to download Online.

Do you want to download Biology syllabus for JAMB pdf? If you are interested in the syllabus for biology Jamb 2022, kindly know that you can get the JAMB syllabus 2022 for Biology here in this post you are currently reading.

What is JAMB Biology syllabus 2022?

The Biology JAMB syllabus 2022 outlines topics that candidates are expected to study for Jamb Biology Exams to make good score. It is also known as topics to read in Biology for Jamb 2022.

The UTME syllabus in Biology aims to prepare the UTME and Direct Entry candidates for the 2022 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board examination.


  1. Apply Biological Principles And Concepts To Everyday Life, Especially To Matters Affecting The Individual, Society, The Environment, Community Health And The Economy.

  2. Account For Continuity Of Life Through Reorganization, Inheritance And Evolution

  3. Demonstrate Sufficient Knowledge Of The Concepts Of The Interdependence And Unity Of Life

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Importance of JAMB Biology Syllabus

  1. With the UTME syllabus for Biology 2022, you will know the areas or topics to study for the exam.

  2. You will discover likely questions that JAMB will set for Biology at the end of each topic.

  3. Complete list of Biology textbooks (authors, editions, titles) is in the syllabus. 

JAMB Syllabus For Biology 2022

Below is the approved JAMB 2022 syllabus for Biology:

  1. Evolution among the following

  2. Factors affecting the distribution of Organisms

  3. Respiration

  4. Living Organisms

  5. Form and Functions

  6. Structural/functional and behavioural adaptations of organisms

  7. Internal structure of a flowering plant

  8. Nutrition

  9. Variety of Organisms

  10. Transport

  11. Excretion

  12. Reproduction

  13. Support and movement

  14. Growth

  15. Ecology

  16. Symbiotic interactions of plants and animals

  17. Natural Habitats

  18. The Ecology of Populations

  19. Local (Nigerian Biomes)

  20. Soil

  21. Humans and Environment

  22. Heredity and Variations

  23. Evolution

  24. Variation In Population

  25. Evidence of evolution

  26. Heredity

  27. Co-ordination and control

  28. Theories of evolution


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