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Get Free 2022 NECO Agric OBJ & Essay Questions and Answers now | Todays NECO Free Agricultural Science Obj and Theory Questions and Answers EXPO. NECO Agric 2022 questions & answers free. Solved NECO Agric 2022 questions. Correct NECO Agric Science 2022 question and answers for number 1,2,3,4,5,6 .

Today’s NECO Agric Science 2022

Agric NECO 2022 (Objective & Essay)
Exam time: 10 am

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Agric NECO Questions and Answers 2022

Below are 2022 NECO Agricultural Science essay questions and answers

Enumerate three problems that affect cooperative societies.

State five qualities of a good extension worker.

List four channels of marketing farm produce.

Enumerate four types of farm accounts.

State four farming practices that expose agricultural land to erosion.

Porosity Water holding capacity Capillarity Organic matter List three ways through which carbon dioxide is lost to the atmosphere.

Enumerate five disadvantages of surface drainage.

List three forest management practices.

State three side effects of chemical control measure of pests.

Soil requirement Method of propagation Planting date

Two stages of processing Give four reasons for controlling weeds on the farm.

One symptom Mode of transmission One control measure

State four aims of crop improvement.

Mention three factors affecting the production of pasture.

List two sources of planting materials for ornamental crops.

Enumerate three maintenance practices in the ornamental gardens.

Mention one method of beekeeping.

Enumerate two precautionary measures in bee keeping.

State three control measures of coccidiosis in poultry farm Outline three comman diseases of rabbits.

Mention three advantages of artificial insemination in animal improvement.

Enumerate four ways of maintaining a fish pond.

List three routine management practices commonly carried out in ruminant production .

Newcastle Tuberculosis Trypanosomiasis Enumerate two ways by which rangeland can be improved .

State two importance of law of diminishing returns in agriculture. Mention three institutions involved in capital market .

State three problems of agricultural insurance .

Mention two objectives each of the following agricultural extension programmes in Nigeria :

State two advantages of individual contact method of teaching in extension.

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