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Get Free 2023 NECO Biology Practical Questions and Answers now | Tuesday’s NECO Biology Practical Answers EXPO. NECO Biology Practical 2023 questions is out with specimens. Solved NECO Biology Practical 2023 questions Paper 1. Correct NECO Biology Practical 2023 answers for number 1,2,3,4,5,6. 

Today’s NECO Biology Practical 2023

NECO 2023 Biology Practical Paper 1
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

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2023 NECO Biology Practical Questions

Question 1: Identify the specimen labeled as Specimen E. What is its common name?

Question 2: Observe Specimen F under a microscope. Identify the organism and state its classification.

Question 3: Examine Specimen H. Identify the plant species and describe its germination process.

Question 4: Examine Specimen I. Describe the main parts of a compound microscope and their functions.

Question 5: Identify the specimen labeled as Specimen L. What is its common name?

Question 6: Examine Specimen M. Identify the mammal species and describe its typical characteristics.

Question 7: Observe Specimen N. Identify the fish species and describe its habitat.

Question 8: Examine Specimen B. Identify the amphibian species and describe its unique adaptations.

Question 9: Examine Specimen G. Identify the plant species and describe its reproductive structure.

Question 10: Identify the specimen labeled as Specimen J. What is its purpose in microscopy?

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NECO 2023 Biology Practical Answers

Below are solutions for Biology Practical NECO Paper 1:
  1. Answer: Spirogyra Filaments (commonly known as green algae)
  2. Answer: Specimen F is mucor or Rhizopus, which belongs to the class Zygomycetes.
  3. Answer: Specimen H is a maize seedling. The germination process involves the absorption of water, swelling of the seed, and emergence of the radicle (root) and plumule (shoot).
  4. Answer: The main parts of a compound microscope are the eyepiece (ocular lens), objective lenses, stage, fine adjustment knob, coarse adjustment knob, and the light source. The eyepiece magnifies the image, the objective lenses provide different levels of magnification, the stage holds the specimen, the adjustment knobs focus the image, and the light source illuminates the specimen.
  5. Answer: Agama Lizard (commonly known as rainbow lizard)
  6. Answer: Specimen M is a rat. Rats are small mammals characterized by a pointed snout, long tail, sharp incisors, and a well-developed sense of smell.
  7. Answer: Specimen N is a tilapia. Tilapia are freshwater fish that inhabit various water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and ponds.
  8. Answer: Specimen B is a toad. Toads have adaptations like dry, warty skin, parotoid glands that secrete toxins for defense, and the ability to breathe through their skin.
  9. Answer: Specimen G is a groundnut seeding. The reproductive structure of groundnuts includes yellow flowers that develop into pods containing the edible nuts.
  10. Answer: Specimen J is a plain slide. It is used as a platform to hold the specimen being observed under a microscope.

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