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NECO 2022 Civic Education Essay Answers

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(i)Decorum: Decorum is simply the to as requirement of correct behavior in polite society. It is the right behavior expected at a particular situation..Example is perfect silence among the students when the principal is speaking.


(ii)Obeying traffic rules and regulation: It is important for every road users to obey the traffic rules and regulation while driving and there is need for proper understanding proper understanding of the traffic rules and regulation.


(iii)Queuing culture: Queuing is an important way to maintain orderliness in the society. There may be need for us to queue up at some places where many people want to enjoy same services with us. This will help in letting things go in a well orderly manner. Examples of where queuing may be needed are petrol stations, ATM points, banks etc.


(iv)Listening skills: Good listening skills help us to avoid misunderstanding, embarrassment and mistakes. there is need to be attentive to ever information. Orderliness involves paying attention while others speak.


(v)Driving skills: Driving skills is needed before driving, it is important to go through the normal driving school process before prescribed by the authority concerned before making any attempt to drive.We demonstrate orderliness in driving by observing the traffic light and traffic regulations.




(i)Platonic relationships

(ii)Relationship between male and female

(iii) Relationship among peers

(iv) Relationship between man and man

(v) Relationship between individual and government



(i)Platonic relationships:

This is the type of relationship that exists between people of the same or different genders without any intention of marriage or intimate affairs. This kind of relationship can exist between a boy and a girl, man and woman, woman and girl, woman and boy, woman and woman, etc.


(ii)Relationship between male and female (opposite gender):This is the kind of relationship between unmarried man and woman. Most times, this type of relationship leads both partners to marriage if well formalized. It also leads to the formation of a family.


(iii) Relationship among Peer: This is the friendship among people of same age bracket, political or social groups, classmates, sports, etc. For example, fans of the same football club, star artist, political leader, clubs, stars, etc end up rearing peer relationship.


(iv)Relationship between man and man: This is a friendship between two people of same gender who share similar interests such as social interest, economic interest, cultural interest, religion interest, etc. This may as well exist between woman and woman, boy and boy, girl and girl


(v) Relationship between individual and government: This is the relationship that exists between an individual and government. There are several ways through which an individual relate withe the government in order to fully enjoy the rights and privileges of a citizen or as a stranger residing in the country




(i) Encouraging citizen participation in Government: The quality of service rendered by public services will be much better if citizens participated in governance and have platforms on which to express grievances and give feedback. This participatory governance helps to encourage accountability because it puts members and managers of public enterprises on their toes.


(ii) Reformation of code of bureau: The Code of Conduct Bureau is empowered by the constitution to support the Federal Government in curtailing unethical conduct, abuse of office, and other forms of corruption in the public service. Reforming the public service ensures that agencies are completely independent and free from political interference so that the provisions of the Code of Conduct can be enforced and corruption checked.


(iii) Improved salaries: Public servants are the least motivated to work because of their low salary and remuneration package. The government needs to review the salaries of public servants. When public servants are paid what is complementary to the cost of living, they will show more passion for their work which will result in improved services.


(iv) Use of technology in the public service: Public sector in Nigeria still makes use of traditional ways of performing its functions. It is very difficult for the public sector to catch up with standards in a fast-paced technological world. The government needs to invest in Information and technological tools to improve the quality of services.


(v) Human capital development and training: The inefficiency of public servants in Nigeria can be traced to a lack of training and poor human development and management. The government should also invest in good quality education from the school system.



Civic duty refers to the patriotic and ethical responsibility of all citizens to take an active role in society and to consider the interests and concerns of other individuals in the community.



(i) Payment of taxes:

An important duty of any citizen in any country is to pay taxes to the state. Tax is a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions used in the development of a country.


(ii) Obeying the laws of the state:

Law and order are prerequisites of every society. To ensure that there is law and order, therefore, every citizen must obey the laws of the land. Citizens are expected to respect and obey federal, state, and local laws.


(iii) Participating in the political process:

Citizens are expected to participate in the political process of the state. The citizen is expected to vote and can also be voted for if he or she vies for a political office. Citizens are expected to be active in the democratic process.


(iv) Protection of public property:

Every citizen has the responsibility to protect state property. A lot of tax money is spent by governments to create public properties for the state. As such, it is expected of citizens to take care of these properties.






[Pick Any five]


(i) protects the country against external attack

(ii) execute and implement the law

(iii) prepares annual budget

(iv) Enforce law in the state

(v) Appointment of ministers, high commissioners and ambassadors

(vi) signing of bill into law.




[Pick Any five]


(i) It makes law

(ii) it approves budget

(iii) Executive watchdog

(iv) It approves judiciary appointment

(v) it represents the citizens in government.

(vi) it approves executive appointments.



[Pick Any five]


(i) it interpreters the law

(ii) it settles disputes

(iii) it punishes offenders

(iv) It contributes to law making

(v) it safeguards fundamental individual right.

(vi) it functions as watch dog to other organs of government.



2022 NECO Civic Education essay questions and answers

Enumerate and discuss five examples of orderliners

List and explain five types of inter – personal relations

Explain five ways of improving the public service in Nigeria Discuss five effects of drug abuse and addiction in our society.

What is civic duty?

Examine four duties and obligations of a citizen

Write short notes on any three of the following Selflessness

Integrity Contentment Cooperation Justice

Define traffic regulation

Analyse four examples of traffic regulations

List five functions of each of the following organs of government :

The Executive ( 11 )

The Legislature

The Judiciary


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