New Year Wishes for Sick Person 2022

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Are you looking for happy New year wishes for sick person 2022? This post is for you. Below you will find encouraging message to a sick person.



You have been lying in bed sick for a long time,
this is not at all nice.
Even at Christmas you didn’t feel well,
now you’re completely rested.
Ready to go into the new year, to
stand on healthy legs again,
that’s the motto –
that’s why I am sending you these
dear New Year’s greetings today ,
in the hope of seeing you soon and
then I will feel better again!


You’re not feeling well, I’m sorry, that’s
why I take the time
to think about you and try
to give you these lines.

I’m not very good at it
because I’m not a great poet,
so I’ll put it briefly,
get well again and don’t lose weight.

Because there is a lot to do in this new year,
so don’t forget to rest.
Then you are finally fit again
and take part in every nonsense again!


New resolution in the new year (after a serious illness)

Illness is really torture,
sometimes it leaves us no choice,
so you have to lie down
and take care of your body in peace.

Sometimes you make the wrong choice,
your body is not made of steel either,
you have often forgotten this, you have
often been obsessed with work.

But now you have understood,
after flying you have to land.
And cherish your own wings,
take care of your exhausted engine.

This is important and not banal,
remember you have the choice,
don’t get stressed as often
and don’t forget to eat on the side.

I hope that you stick to this resolution,

that you don’t lose your role anymore.
Because if you no longer exist,
how boring my life would be.

So live healthy and look after yourself cheerfully,
in the new year it goes on happily!


I wish you health and a lot of strength
that life brings you joy again.

Have fun and happiness in the new year,
success and peace be close to you.
Prosperity and hope by your side,
and that love accompanies you.


New Year New luck

a thousand greetings there and back,
lots of kisses and new courage,
sadness is rarely good.

No more sorrow and no more regrets,
stay true to your resolution for a long time.
Shine from your face,
smile often and too often don’t cry.

After this illness, enjoy the time,
because you never know how much health there will be!


After a serious accident

I heard about it
and was pretty upset,
it made me really sad,
your accident was unexpected and scary.

But now you should feel better again,
you can walk again, that’s wonderful.
You are full of courage and strength,
I am proud of you because not everyone can do it.

Now we are entering a new year,
and because the old one was so intense for you,
I wish you with all my heart
a new life – without any pain.

And everything will be as it was before:
a nice, relaxing year!

Happy New Year Wishes to a sick person

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