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Are you looking for New Year wishes for the sick? This post is for you. Below you will find some motivating wishes for those in need of care for the New Year to make them happy with the wishes.

We bring you the best and best wishes for this New Year .
We hope it will be really good for you.
January, February and March give you a
good mood and always a happy heart.
Then April and May bring you the
wonderful and hopeful spring time.
In June, July and of course in August:
You can really enjoy summer’s lust.
He’s guaranteed to come.
A year without him has never happened.
September, October, briefly the beautiful and colorful autumn season.
Let yourself go by in happiness.
You can endure gray November.
In December you can finally say:
That was a good year.


  • For this year in general, I wish you that it should be like this. If something cannot be changed, you are still very satisfied and full of patience. But apart from that, you grab hold of it with a very strong hand. Then I wish you the right mind. That he always tells you very clearly what you can still change. This helps a lot. On the great and high ladder of life.


  • This year will be a good one for you. Maybe my advice will help. Don’t start with a big one, but rather with a very small one.


  • All the best and love I wish you today. For now and for tomorrow and for all of the time.


You have been lying in bed with illness for a long time.
This fact is not at all nice.
You weren’t doing well for Christmas.
But now you are rested.
You can go into the next year now.
Then it is possible to stand on very healthy feet.
This is your very own motto.
With this in mind, I am sending you New Years greetings today.
I’ll see you again soon.
I hope you will be better then.
Do not lose heart.
He really does well again and again.


An illness, no matter what, is indeed a torture.
But our fate leaves us little choice.
You have to lie down
and really take care of your body.
It’s not made of hard steel.
Sometimes you make the wrong choice.
When obsessed with all the work you do.
You often forget yourself.
Live healthy now and make your existence cheerful.
Then things will go on just fine for you. A good piece of
in the New Year. That’s why
I am here
and I wish you that from the bottom of my heart.

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