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New Year wishes to think about in 2022. Best brooding wishes that make the receiver think. It is also suitable for sparking discussions.

  • I wish you all the very best for the coming new year. Above all, you should stay healthy, because the functioning of our bodies is always the most important. The focus should not be on rockets or tasty punch, but also on the thoughts of people who don’t even think about celebrating New Year’s Eve because they are so badly off. If you would reflect on these things more often in the New Year, I would be thrilled. But now you should celebrate New Year’s Eve as you see fit. I wish you a happy new year and good luck in all areas.

  • Another year has passed in which the world has contributed so much to its downfall. I only remind you of the ongoing deforestation. Still, everyone celebrates the New Year and fires missiles into the air. This is a waste, but that’s just our tradition. For this reason, I wish you a happy New Year’s Eve, an equally pleasant New Year, and of course, many happy moments throughout the new year. Please make the most of it and try to do your part for a better world. Happy New and healthy Year!

  • As you know, I am a cheerful person who likes to go to a party and celebrate. So today on New Year’s Eve. But sometimes, I also think of the people who are not doing well. They suffer. I wish these people more luck in the new year and always stay healthy. Of course, these are important things that I also wish you and your family. I hope we can arrange a meeting again soon, and then you can tell me how nicely you partied. Until then, however, have a happy and thoughtful New Year. Your…

  • It’s simple: most people in the world are only interested in their own gain. They forget others. So today on New Year’s Eve, I don’t belong to that group, and I wish you, your loved ones, and all who feel addressed a Happy New Year. Good luck and success, as well as 365 healthy days. Happy New Year!

  • Let’s not forget the poor of the world as we celebrate here, poverty persists. So we should save on the missiles we fire and instead be happy and enjoy our happiness. I, therefore, wish you a Happy New Year, which brings you much success, just as it was last year. Now celebrate nicely and pay attention to your behavior, New Year as a new beginning, away with the old one.

  • These beautiful words come out of my mouth for the new year, no matter where. But think of those who are not doing so well. They also need new courage. So I wish them a good start too, that the new year will be better and not so hard. For my part, I am happy with my life, and I am enjoying the New Year. You should strive for the best.

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