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New Year’s Eve quotes are always in trend when the New Year approaches. Funny or serious: New Year’s Eve quotes can embellish the turn of the year. December 31st is the last and, therefore, always a special day of the year. The New Year is celebrated with parties and beautiful fireworks all over the world. Millions of messages with New Year’s Eve are exchanged with friends and family on New Year’s Eve.

The common quote “have a happy new year” is common and means that you wish the other a happy new year. But New Year’s Eve wishes are also exchanged via SMS, Whatsapp, Tiktok, Facebook or Snapchat. There is the possibility to send thoughtful or funny quotes on New Year’s Eve.

Funny New Year’s Eve quotes

Below are some of the example of Funny New Year’s Eve quotes:

  • “With the nice mobile phone greetings, I want to sweeten the new year for the recipient!”

  • “Who stumbled so late through night and wind? It’s a happy New Year’s Eve pig that babbles and sings. “

  •  “As soon as the new year has begun, the new resolutions have melted away! What is it? There is no real going back, but good luck in the new year! “

You can also create the New Year’s Eve quotes that you would like to drink to:

  • “Drink to good friends, lost goals, new goals, and normal madness!”

  •  “Let us drink to our success and prosperity that it will remain with us!”

More and more people are also sending their New Year’s Eve slogans on their smartphones. These are the funny quotes that come with animated fireworks on the mobile phone. It is important not to send messages with New Year’s Eve directly at midnight because the network is overloaded, and the New Year’s Eve does not arrive on time. Simply save the New Year’s Eve quotes in the “drafts” and conveniently send them shortly before midnight.

 quotes by e-mail

Beautiful New Year’s Eve quotes can also be sent by e-mail. There are animated e-cards that contain beautiful quotes.

New Year’s Eve by e-mail:

  • “Have a Happy New Year!”

  • “If the old year was very successful for some, then you look forward to the new year!”

  • “Have a good trip into the new year! All wishes should come true!”.

New Year’s Eve quotes by mail are more conservative but still popular. The good old postcard is still popular, and there are beautiful New Year’s Eve cards with New Year’s Eve quotes in the stationery trade or on the Internet. Just write this lovingly with an individual text, and the recipient will be happy. There are also beautiful New Year’s Eve stickers, such as champagne bottles, champagne glasses, small fireworks or the words “Happy New Year”. This can be used to beautify the card. The New Year’s Eve quotes can also be written on the left on a folding card.

Whether via WhatsApp, Facebook, by e-mail or on the Internet via Snapchat: The New Year’s Eve quotes should show the other person that you want health, happiness, and happiness on New Year’s Eve. This tradition of wishing each other all the best on New Year’s Eve never goes out of style. Whoever throws the New Year’s Eve party can also wrap small gifts, which could be candy or a $1 gift. Then hides a funny or ingenious New Year’s Eve quote, and the party is saved. The guests pack up the little present and enjoy the New Year’s Eve quotes.

Overview of New Year’s Eve quotes 2022

  • A start into the new year with passion and an experience with energy and strength brought to an end with many wishes, so good and much was achieved!

  • A year is coming to an end, a year with ups and downs,a year with worries and joy, a year with great moments and memorable moments. New Year’s Eve is the time to just look back and send a lot of wishes to everyone!

  • It will soon strike twelve, and the year will close soon, the farewell is approaching, look ahead, with good friends, douse the New Year with a glass of champagne and full of joy!

  • A new year gives new happiness, looking into the new, not back, with a lot of hope and best wishes, looking forward should be the new motto!

  • The wish for the turn of the year with good luck, no more thoughts of the old year, the hope in the new year goes ahead with everyone that everything bad can also change!

  • The new year brings happiness into the house “A cheer” is echoing everywhere. What was done wrong in the old, you start all over in the new!

  • What runs so late through the wind and night, a pink pig in all its glory, it grunts and squeaks so wonderfully, good luck and joy in the new year!

  • A new year means new dreams, new wishes, new hope, new goals and new paths … A happy and fulfilling start to the new year!

  • Very quietly and very quietly, happiness comes in this way, with many wishes and best regards, sweetening the new year.

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