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Are you looking for New Year’s Eve SMS for 2022? This post is for you. Below you will find the best New Year’s Eve messages to send to your friends, colleagues, loved ones, families, workers online via SMS.

  • The new year should bring you a lot of success and always good luck. An open heart for everyone, then the attention will reach YOU again! Happy New Year!

  • “Happy New Year!” Everyone calls out. The coming year will bring new happiness to your home. Whatever you did wrong in the old year, just start over! A happy New Year!

  • The moon shines in the distance, and a thousand stars sparkle all around. Colorful rockets unfold their full glory in the sky, golden sparks light up the night. A glittering fireworks display for this special celebration – I wish you all the best for the New Year!

  • For New Year, I have only one wish: that we stay friends forever. Words cannot describe how meaningful friendship is. Thank you for laughing and crying with me, for never forgetting me! Thank you for building me up and for criticizing me, for always being by my side! I wish you a great and happy new year and hope to share many moments with you in it.

  • A new year has begun, and the first resolutions have already melted away. Well, what the heck, there’s no going back. Good luck and luck for the new year!

  • 365 days full of exciting weeks, beautiful hours, and exciting minutes are drawing to a close. But a new one is just around the corner. I wish you that it is filled with fascinating weeks full of unforgettable hours and breathtaking minutes. I wish you that it will tear you off your stool!

  • For the coming year, I wish you as much fun as the ocean has drops of water, as much feeling as the desert has grains of sand, and as much luck as the universe has stars. I wish you an unforgettable new year!

  • 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

  • It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s New Year’s Eve or not – for me, you are and will remain the absolute blast, and of course also in the next year!

  • The old year is gone, so I wish you a happy new year! The new year should bring you a lot of joy and love, happiness, success, and always good luck!

  • Today is New Year’s Eve; that’s why I greet everyone who makes my life worth living in the first place. I wish you an unforgettable celebration and a breathtaking new year!

  • I just found a shamrock by the side of the road. It was standing there all alone when I found it. So I picked it up and walked a bit. I want to give it to you – it will bring you luck! Happy New Year!

  • I wish you 12 happy months, 52 indescribable weeks, 365 enchanting days, 8760 breathtaking hours, and 525600 unforgettable minutes in the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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In the age of SMS, WhatsApp & Co., individual greetings are no longer just sent by post and particularly short, concise greetings can also be optimally sent using modern technology. Often it is precisely the short and at the same time precisely placed words that get the message right to the point. They encourage laughing, dreaming or thinking and never lose their indicated effect on the reader.

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