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Original New Year wishes. 2022 funny New Year wishes that are well written, you just have to read them.

  • In addition to the usual health congratulations, I also wish you a full bank account for the New Year. Because you may remember some time ago, you promised to invite me to dinner as often in the coming year as your budget allows. I am a starving person. Happy New Year!

  • For the new year come from me only the very best congratulations! It is said that every pot has a lid. Someone who goes with you, who you can laugh with, who is just the best. How nice that you have already found me. I am wishing you a happy new year!

  • A year has already passed, and again you will receive warm New Year wishes from me. But this time something is different: Take a close look at the menu and look for something special! You certainly won’t find it right away. Everyone is looking for it, and everyone is so happy when they finally find it. Oh, if you think now that it’s , then I have to disappoint you. It is not money. Search anyway. Happy New Year and good luck in the new year!

  • Again and again, the New Year’s beckons with many temptations that put us to the test. Put yourself to the test and see how long you can withstand me. I wish you all of your wishes come true in the New Year and, of course, plenty of health. So, I hope I am one of your wishes … Happy New Year, your …

  • I hope you survived the New Year’s Eve break well because I know only too well how much you like the turn of the year. That’s why you get loving greetings from me again. Please take care of yourself in the New Year, because your health is always the most important! And because I like you so much, a surprise will come to you today. Be patient and expect your best (and certainly only) New Year’s surprise! Your…

  • You have certainly already had enough of the usual New Year’s wishes. Therefore only these lines from me and all the best.

  • It was always like this in the last year: If you thought you were alone and no one was standing by you, then I was there for you. It will be the same this year. I wish you all the best for the next 12 months, in which so many beautiful things will happen to you. Preferably with me. Happy New Year!

  • The beer is gone, the rockets are in the sky, the bathroom is so wet that there will be mold soon. So grab the bucket and start mopping, your first New Year’s chore, instead of going fishing. So, unfortunately, I have to block it for you. I have to screw up your New Year’s fishing for you. I hope you will forgive me, but the order is important, happy new year, and soon we’ll be fishing properly.

Original happy new year wishes

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