5 Important Reasons to learn English – Why do people study English?

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No matter what your level of English is, it is always important to reinforce the English language, even if you have studied it since you were a child. And if you haven’t started yet, I suggest you begin to study English right now. The reasons to learn English language are powerful, but I want you to know that, beyond the immediate reasons, there are long-term results that will be worth considering. Studying, whatever it is, is always rewarding. And the best part of learning English is that it is for life.

Reason to Learn English

It is not cliché, it is the truth

It doesn’t matter where you are: Europe, Latin America or Africa. English can serve as your second language in case you need it. No beauty product, medicine, laundry instructions, DVDs, name it! not to use English. To have a basic education in English language is almost a life or death situation .

It is necessary in the world of work

It does not matter in what area you have worked or studied. Most academic and technical information comes from European and American research. So it is necessary to consume this type of material for your knowledge. 

In addition, you can take online courses, university degrees, and certifications in English (IELTS, GMAT, TOEFL, etc), which will surely help you reinforce your CV.

It will reactivate the desire to read in any language

When you study a language, you have to read a lot. And if you are already a reader, this will activate your more desire to read in your language. Once you’ve developed vocabulary, feel free to check out blogs, books, recipes, beauty tips, whatever comes to your mind, in English. The more content you consume, the better.

Movies and music will mean something else to you

Do you know that song from the 90’s that you like so much, and you have it as your favorite? It may be that reading the letter will change its meaning. That is why it is so important to get out of the dark and know what we are really listening to. Cinema, for its part, must be heard in its original language. And it is super interesting when you do the exercise of watching a movie without subtitles. Enjoy the experience 100%.

You will get much more out of your trips

One of the most important things when traveling is knowing how to communicate. And, when it comes to having an emergency, knowing what to do and say. 

reasons to study english

Let’s not think about tragedies: if you have basic knowledge of English, you will not starve. We know that there are basic conversation books for these short trips, but we recommend studying to complete the experience. Also, it is ideal to meet people in real situations: a party, a bar, a classroom. And so it begins. 

Enjoy your new language very much!!

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