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Are you looking for 2022 romantic new year love quotes show your partner how much you like him/ her? Stop searching. Below are best happy new year romantic quotes suitable for husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend.

Romantic New Year Love Quotes

New Year’s Eve over, a new morning.
The old worries are forgotten.
Let’s look into the future
together and celebrate the new year together.


The clock strikes twelve at midnight.
Cheers, cheers! – It is finished.
Everyone is partying loudly,
and everyone is looking up at the stars.
Fireworks in the sky,
but you next to me are my whole world.


Big corks and rockets,
there are parties everywhere.
Punch, pretzel, beer and champagne,
but nothing tastes good without you.
Miss you so much my darling,
only you have room in my heart.
Never leave me alone in the new year,
I always want to be with you.


I’m watching the stars tonight
and I just can’t find rest.
Colorful lights are raining down.
Tell me when are you coming back?
I would love to be with you
and celebrate with you into the new year.


A couple of colorful New Year’s stars greet you from far away .
Should send joy and happiness,
and also a piece of success and money.
The most important thing comes at the end,
which is a long, tender kiss.


You loved me in the old year
for the person I was there.
We have gone through ups and downs
and made many mistakes.
But we were also very lucky,
and we fought bit by bit.
Overcame the valleys
and found back to us.
Let’s stand together firmly in the new year and
go new ways together.
We’ll stay the same, that’s clear,
but with new experiences year after year.


People come, people go.
Like the years, you will see.
But some stay for a lifetime,
even if sometimes you can’t see them.
I am with you this New Years morning
and I will lend you my smile.
I know you miss me very much today,
but believe me, I miss you more.
Soon I can be with you again,
and together we are never alone.
I’ll never really go either,
and if you need me I’ll be right next to you.


Whatever was yesterday,
a new year starts today.
I just want to start it with you
and spend the time together from now on.

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