Safer Internet Day 2022: Time for a security check

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Happy Safer Internet Day 2022! The action day is the perfect occasion to bring your IT security up to date. We tell you what you should pay attention to.

  • February 8th is Safer Internet Day 2022.
  • The perfect occasion to put the IT security of your devices to the test.
  • We tell you which tools and settings make your PC and mobile devices more secure.

February 8th is Safer Internet Day! Even if you have not marked this date in red in your calendar, unlike us in the editorial office, you should still use the occasion. 

What is Safer Internet Day 2022 all about?

Safer Internet Day is an initiative of the European Union that promotes safety and democracy on the Internet. In this post, we would like to do a little IT security check with you.

This applies to complete protection against malware from the Internet on the one hand, but also against the tracking of your movements on the Internet . In addition, far too many users continue to use passwords that are too easy and insecure cloud services.

We will focus here primarily on the security of your PC. If you are interested in data protection, privacy, and dangers in social media, you can learn more on the official website There is also informative teaching material for schools and universities.

Let’s get started.

No data protection without virus protection

Data protection on a PC or mobile phone infected with malware is hardly possible, depending on which type is spreading on your device. It can be either spy on your data or render the device completely unusable. An antivirus program is therefore mandatory.

Luckily, such a program doesn’t have to cost a lot. Programs for the PC such as Avast Antivirus and AVG Internet Security can be used free of charge. Many also offer apps for Android and iOS, such as Avira Antivirus and Kaspersky. But if you want complete protection for the whole household, you should consider buying a license.

Surf anonymously and securely on the Internet with VPN

Anyone who surfs the Internet leaves traces. However, there are ways you can surf anonymously and securely. You don’t even need the notorious TOR browser for this, but an ordinary VPN service is sufficient.

Setting up a VPN on Windows or mobile is easy. The only challenging thing is choosing the service provider. Our top three here are Cyberghost, NordVPN, and Surfshark. They offer the best service, the most secure connections, and the most straightforward tools for all needs right now.

Password Manager – because 123456 isn’t enough

Every year you read about the worst passwords and again and again “password” and “123456” are included. If we use it to guess one of your passwords, we recommend our tips for better passwords.

Cloud Backup

If your PC or mobile phone is already under attack and all data is at risk, it shows how valuable a backup can be. On the one hand, this can be done via a data backup on an external hard drive or elegantly in the “cloud”. Backing up in the cloud has many benefits, such as security levels and experts that only large corporations can offer.

Android fans know the backup in Google Drive, iOS fans have the iCloud. Free cloud services often do not offer enough space for an entire PC backup.

Correct settings for your PC and mobile phone

PCs and mobile phones also have basic settings and behaviors that you should pay attention to stay safe. You can do a lot for security when setting up your PC or laptop and starting up your mobile phone. A secure browser also helps if you surf the web a lot and warn about unsafe websites.

Always install regular patches on Windows and the latest versions of Android. If you follow this and the other tips in this post, you should be protected from a large number of dangers on the Internet.

Happy Safer Internet Day 2022!

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