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Are you looking for best short new year wishes for friends, family? This post is for you. Below you will find happy new year 2022 short wishes or short messages. Short sweet new year wishes, short 2022 new year wishes, short happy new year wishes.

In addition, short new year wishes can, in many cases, also reflect one’s mood. It shows the highs and lows and gives the transmitter a lot of leeway for interpretation. If you do not want to or cannot give your greetings personally, you should express them with various sayings that stimulate thought and also reflect your own emotions to a certain extent. 

The following are some exciting examples of short New Year wishes:

  • Happy New Year! I wish that your good intentions will outlast your hangover!
  • 365 days of happiness, health, success, and satisfaction – These are my wishes for your year 2022!
  • Whether a new year starts or not: we keep our old face! I look forward to successful cooperation in the new year!
  • You are precious as friends, a happy and happy new year!
  • When a new year starts at midnight, you know how quickly time goes by. I wish you love, success and happiness – only the most significant piece of everything!
  • In anticipation of good results, I am looking forward to our cooperation in the coming year!
  • We wish you only the best of the best at the turn of the year!
  • Leave the old year behind and look forward to a happy and prosperous new year! I know that your dreams will finally come true!

Short New Year Wishes 2022

  • The old year is now in the past. Worries and thoughts should be left behind. New hope and happiness should accompany you from today through the new year.

  • For the new year, I do not only wish you happiness. Above all, I wish you inner peace because everything else is easy only with it.

  • Like the sparks of the past fireworks, I wish you that your heart is finally kindled in the same way for the new year.

  • What use are all these resolutions if they can’t be kept? What is important is that you feel comfortable and go through the new year with serenity and enjoyment.

  • With the new year comes new hope, new dreams, and wishes come. I wish you their fulfillment to have new ones again next year.

  • A year has passed again. Forget the old baggage and start the new year with empty pockets, so that in the end, they are full of beautiful memories. Even if New Year’s Eve is over, that doesn’t mean we can’t drink any other day.

  • The good news in the new year is that you can do better than in the Latter. And if this does not happen, it is just for the following year. Happy new things, new luck, new joys, new memories

  • Go your way through the new year sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes left, sometimes right, but always go forward and never go back.

  • A new year doesn’t just mean a new start, it also means that you can smile at past mishaps.

  • The best thing about the New Year is that it will soon not be so freezing cold and that a whole summer lies ahead of us.

  • Even if the new year can not stop climate change and bring world peace with it, it can be a very big one for you. Believe in it.

  • Happy New Year. New experiences, new mistakes, new reparations, new fears with new overcomes, and old and new memories. That’s life.

  • This year should be full of surprises, every day a colorful candy. And one thing doesn’t taste that good. Remember, there are still enough sweet things to come.

  • A new year with new resolutions, it’s good that nobody says when exactly this year to start. The last year ended with colorful fireworks. Now the new year should be just such.

  • The art of going through the New Year is to do it with a smile on your face. The new year will soon be an old one again, so don’t take it too seriously. Just slide through it calmly.

  • 365 days of the old year have passed by; they just flew by. The New Year has now begun, we want to cook something delicious today to celebrate the New Year, together with you, that is obvious.

  • The New Year, now it’s where yesterday was the old one. Together we got there well and climbed New Year’s Eve with you. We wish you a Happy New Year again; it has dawned, January.

  • Dear guests, who are with us, we have sworn an oath that we will go into the New Year with you, which appeared so inconspicuous yesterday. But now that it is there, it seems happy, and it has always been that way.

  • Nothing is as finite as past years, the couples gathered here know that, but we are here today, sitting together with wine and beer and wish us all good luck and happiness, have fun in the New Year, you people.

  • The old year is now over, but we don’t care, we look ahead and no longer back and hope very firmly for a new happiness. We don’t lose our good mood. The light always shines brightly for us.

  • The days just fade away, but our life has a deeper meaning. We all always stand up for one another and always help each other. That has to be the case. Together we wish you all the best for the new. You should always feel happy.

  • The last year went by in a flash, so we’ve really had enough of him now. We warmly welcome the new, good, and pious—a happy and good year to all of you. We wish you that, that’s clear.

  • We are very happy to be with you today; together, we celebrate the New Year. We enjoy it and even more so a lot of fun, at the festival we like to step on the gas together. We are glad to have friends like you, both girls and boys.

  • The old year has now unfortunately passed, the short days and the long ones. The New Year has finally reached us and has softened our hearts for a few moments. We don’t know what’s in store for us now, neither me, nor she, nor he, nor you.

  • Best wishes for the New Year will be different from the old one. We are firmly committed to this, and we warmly welcome the days to come. We are all forging our happiness and are far from saying goodbye to each other.

Above some of the best Short New Year Wishes for 2022.

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