Tips for writing a loan application letter in 2022

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Nowadays, with technological advances, any procedure can be done from the device you have – mobile phone, tablet, notebook, etc. – and this includes the request for a loan or credit. Some proposals that involve a request for money require the fulfilment of some formalities, such as presenting a loan application letter, which allows starting the process before an individual, financial institution, or bank. Here, I bring you tips and advice to make your job easier when writing your credit application.

What is a Loan Application Letter?

loan application letter is a formal letter that must be written to address those who intend to loan us money. Although today we indeed have many technological tools that make writing a letter unnecessary, there are many cases in which the presentation of a letter is a fundamental requirement. For example, when a company requests a large loan to develop a certain project, the financial institution will likely ask you to present a file with the background information that supports that request. This folder must be headed by a loan application letter and constitutes the presentation of the applicant company to whom the loan will be granted.

Another case that very few take into account when talking about this type of letter is when we are faced with requesting a loan in our workplace, we are talking about a letter of request for a loan to the company where we work. It is worth noting that this type of letter must be compelling since asking for a loan from our company does not make us their client.

Whatever the case that warrants writing a loan application letter, it constitutes a formal document. So, the care taken when preparing the text must be capitalized since a series of commitments will be developed behind its economic nature.

Are there models of loan application letters?

Beyond the countless examples and models that circulate on the web, in general, financial entities, banks, and other institutions for loans, credits, and financing, have a more or less standard loan application format. This means that, when writing, it is necessary to have the possible letter templates.

letter of loan request will vary in content according to how the destination of the requested funds varies. Applying for a personal loan is not the same as asking for a loan to finance a development project. Similarly, it is not the same to request financial support from the company we work for than to direct the request to a bank or financial institution.

If you decide on a loan request letter to the company where you work, this should likely be addressed to the personnel and salary sector. In short, requesting a loan from your company is nothing more than advancing a part of your wages. What you must agree with your company is how the company will recover that money. In this case, your letter must be headed, directing it to the personnel authority. 

In the body of the letter, you will place the amount you request, if possible the reason. You will make a return proposal – which you will surely have previously agreed upon – and at the end of the letter, you will put all your data, without forgetting your file number, if you have one.

Company asks for a loan

When a company requests a loan from a financial institution, it generally does so in the entity where it has its checking accounts. That is, a part of its credit history is already in possession of the financial institution. Still, if this is not the case, the letter Credit application will accompany a series of documentation that financial institutions require. It is convenient to mention in the letter all the documentation that you are presenting.

The request letter must emphasize the amounts to be requested, the destination of those amounts, and the set of credit and business guarantees presented. This letter must be signed by whoever has been appointed attorney-in-fact through the company’s statutory instruments. Remember, the letter may be signed by the company’s president. Still, if this is not authorized by statute to manage before credit organizations, the loan application letter will have no legal or commercial value.

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