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Tips for writing apology letter

All relationships between people run the risk of being fractured by having done a bad deed. If this is your case and you need an approach to apologize for a mistake, then an apology letter is for you. With it, you can express your most sincere apologies and send it to the offended person.

You can usually solve the problem by acknowledging the mistake, but nothing is more pleasant than expressing it honestly in person or through a letter of apology

Next, you will be able to know in general terms what an apology letter is, its structure, and some tips so that your letter can fulfill its objective.

What is an apology letter?

It is a document that can be formal or informal depending on who it is addressed to or expressed. This letter allows an approach with the person who was missing it to take the first step to discuss the problem.

The apology letter will be an ally to express what perhaps, in person, you do not dare to say, so find a way to connect with the affected person through writing. Show your desire to fix the situation and accept your mistakes. If all goes well, you will respond positively, but that will depend on the other person.

Types of apology letters

The classification of a letter of apology will be based on who the letter will be addressed to, and will also depend on whether the letter will be informal or formal. Here are some of the most common types of letters:

  • Letter of apology for business is a professional letter addressed to other companies, partners, or shareholders for having committed a fault.
  • Letter of apology to a client: it is a formal letter. When addressing a client, the content must be professional and severe language and cordial and friendly. Remember that poor customer satisfaction can lead to a bad reputation, so try to offer sincere apologies for the inconvenience and guarantee the resolution of your displeasure as soon as possible.
  • Dismissal letter to family or friends, send a letter of apology to the person with whom you have had bad behavior.
  • Your partner’s letter of apology would be part of an informal letter since his language is natural and confident. In this letter, try to be as transparent as possible and make it clear that you accept your share of the blame. Find the middle ground between being natural and deep.

In general, you can write a letter of apology to any person, client, company where an offense has been committed. The language of the text will depend on the formality you need, so take into account that if it is for external people, be careful with your writing, but if it is for family or friends, be natural.

Structures of an apology letter

For this type of letter, keep in mind that its structure is basic, like informal letters, but they still have a touch of formality because it is a document you can present in any area. Next, you will see the elements that are part of an apology letter :

  • Letterhead: if your letter is referred to in the professional field, start with placing a heading where it expresses the data of the sending company, the address, and a telephone number. In case it is personal, you can skip this element.
  • Date: add the date the letter was made.
  • Cordial Greeting: Begin with a friendly and affectionate greeting, such as: “Dear Victoria.”
  • Body of the letter: state the reason for your apology, beginning this section with a phrase such as: “We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.”
  • Farewell: End with a short statement asking you to be apologetic, such as: “Please receive our sincerest apologies.”
  • Signature: Finally, put your first and last name or if a personal or professional signature is required.

Tips for writing an apology letter

Before you start writing, try to reflect on what happened and find the correct words to reflect your regret. This way, you will be more precise without becoming repetitive. Remember that the affected person already knows what happened, and it is best to offer solutions.

Here are some tips to better write this letter and have a positive result:

  • Be friendly and respectful
  • If it is a personal letter, avoid writing it on a computer. Try to write it on a sheet of paper written with a pen.
  • State clearly what was done wrong at the beginning of the letter.
  • If it is a professional letter, write it to a computer using any platform.
  • Avoid using different fonts in the text.
  • Suggest meeting somewhere to discuss what happened in person.
  • Empathize with the feelings of the affected person.
  • Don’t blame the other person for mistakes.

Example of an apology letter

Next, you will have a format of a professional apology letter, where the company has accepted responsibility for its mistakes and apologizes to the affected customer.


Company name
Phone number
Miami, January 1, 2022

Dear Customer:
We hereby express that we regret any inconvenience our company may have caused regarding products that you have not yet received.
We want to express to you our most sincere apologies for waiting for delivery. We are aware that there have been three lawsuits and have not received a response from us. For this reason, we have decided that if you wish to refund the money or fail that, we will offer you a 50% discount on the products you purchased plus a 30% discount voucher on the next purchase.
We hope you can receive our sincere apologies, remaining at your disposal to reach an agreement on what has been raised.
A cordial greeting.

James Matthew
Sales Manager


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