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Are you considering pursuing a course at Vassar College, one of the United States’ most notable and remarkable colleges? It’s vital to get yourself acquainted with your dream school. One of the most critical questions prospective students seeking to gain admission into Vassar college ask and the question on the mind of these students is, “what is Vassar acceptance rate?”.

You just might be wondering about what’s so special about Vassar college that it seems almost like everyone is applying to study in the college. What is special here is that if you can acquire a degree from this prestigious college, you have a good chance of landing your desired dream job. Because a degree from Vassar is highly recognized due to her remarkable alumni association, which comprises notable individuals from all works of life. 

 This article covers the acceptance rate of Vassar College and its requirements so that you would know how to apply. Let’s dive right in.


 The college is located in Poughkeepsie in NY city, United States. The college is a private liberal arts college founded by Matthew Vassar, who the school is named after. The institute was founded in 1861. Vassar College is one of the seven sisters, and you might be wondering what the seven sisters is. The seven sisters were formed to provide women with the same education acquired by the ivy league students. The seven sisters are incredibly competitive liberal arts schools. To get into these schools, you must have a GPA of 3.8 -4.0, an SAT score of 1320-1510, and an ACT score of 31-34. It depends on the school in question.

A degree from any of the Seven Sisters schools paves the way to achieving your dream job, which is why many individuals long to attend any of the seven sisters institutions. However, their acceptance rate can be pretty discouraging as they have a low acceptance rate. Vassar college has a bachelor of arts degree in over majors.

  According to Wikipedia, Vassar acceptance rate in 2021 was 19%, and in 2022 is 25%, and about 2,450 students attended the institution. Application fees cost $65. Vassar College has an affiliation with Yale University.


The acceptance rate at Vassar college is very competitive, and the admission process at Vassar is vigorous as the institute considers certain factors before admitting students into the school. According to Wikipedia, Vassar college acceptance rate 2026 was 19%, and this year it’s 25%. This means that, for every 100 students who apply to the college, 25 get accepted. About 50% of students admitted must have scored at least this number in these listed exams:

Over 1230 26 10%

Transfer students don’t exactly have it easy going for them as it is challenging to get admitted into Vassar as a transfer student. Last year the institute admitted only 431 of the 867 students that were shortlisted. There is an early decision when considering applying to Vassar as this might increase your chances of getting admission into the college.

 Vassar College Early decision application 

Applying early in the institute increases your chances of getting admitted or waitlisted. It is essential to know that the early decision is binding. That is, you are bound to attend the institute if you are admitted. It is necessary to ensure that you are 100% interested in attending college. If you decide to apply using the early decision form, your chances of getting admitted into the institution is 47%. A total of 308 students were admitted, of the 660 students that were waitlisted in 2021. Applying for early shows you are interested in attending the college and will improve your chances of getting accepted.

 On the other hand, if you are applying as a regular decision applicant, your chances of being admitted are pretty slim. It’s 25% as of 2022 compared to the early decision applicants. When considering applicants to grant admission, Vassar would consider the early decision group and another batch of applicants.

Vassar Acceptance Rate

Vassar acceptance rate is evident that the requirements for gaining admission are incredibly high. You would need to score excellently in the SAT( 1320-1520 and ACT 32-34) exams, with an impressive GPA of about 3.8 – 4.5. If you fail to pass any of these tests and you can meet all other requirements, you will not be admitted into the college.

 Vassar GPA requirements

Most colleges set a standard for expected applicants who would like to be admitted into the various colleges. In Vassar, for you to be considered, you would need to be a straight ‘A’ student, have a GPA of 4.0, and be at your best game in school. If unfortunately, you do not have the expected GPA, you would have to try extra hard to get incredibly high SAT and ACT scores to compensate for your low GPA and compete appropriately with other applicants. 

Vasaar SAT requirements

 Vassar’s average SAT score is 1440 over 1600, which makes the Vassar SAT test scores incredibly competitive. A breakdown of the scores you need to scale through SAT tests will be presented below for better understanding and comprehension.

Applicants submitting SAT 61%

SAT reading 25th          680

SAT  math 25th.             690

SAT composite 25th    1370

SAT reading 75th           740

SAT math 75th.                770

SAT composite 75th       1510

Average SAT score 1440

Estimated chance of acceptance based on SAT scores

1520 and above  Good  25%
1440-1520  Avg+  25%-39%
1360- 1440 Avg- 15% – 25%
1280-1360  Reach  8% – 15%
Below 1280  low  8%

Vassar SAT score choice policy

This score choice policy at Vassar is of the ‘highest section’, which means you can decide the SAT score you want to send to the college. Highest section is also known as “superscoring”. Probably your SAT score is below 1510. If you want to boost your probability of getting into Vassar, you might want to retake the test. It would be best if you maximize the potential of the superstore by focusing on one section at a time. You improve your SAT score and increase your chances of being accepted.

Vassar ACT scores  requirements

Act range  –  32-34

Applicants submitting ACT – 48%

Act reading 25th        34

Act math 25th               28

Act composite 25th       32

Act reading 75th.             35

Act math 75th                   32

Act composite 75th         35

Average SAT score           34

Estimated chance of acceptance based on ACT scores

ACT SCORES                              RATING                 CHANCES
34 and above  Good    39%
33-34   Avg+   25%-39%
32-33  Avg-  15% – 25%
31-32  Reach   8% – 15%
 Below 31  low  8%

Mostly Vassar has been known to accept students with a SAT score of 32 and above. Based on estimation, the Vassar accepts a minimum ACT score of 31. About 48% of prospective students submit an ACT score to Vassar college. The school ranks #5 in NY and 29 in the US for the highest average ACT composite scores. 

Vassar ACT score sending policy

As opposed to SAT, in the ACT score sending policy, you have total control over which test scores you decide to send to your application reader. In SAT, you are expected to send out all test scores in the various section, and any section you score highest will be used in your admission evaluation. What this means is if you take 10-15 tests, you can decide to send your highest test score.  

Vassar ACT Superscore policy

According to the Vassar admissions office, during ACT assessments, the college uses the highest superscores from various test dates to recalculate the composite score. If your Reading score is lower than other sections, prepare for your ACT using the Superscore formula of focusing on one section at a time, boosting your chances of getting accepted into the college.

  To be considered for admission into Vassar college, you must score a minimum of 31 on your ACT. 

Vassar College International Students Requirements

For prospective international students seeking admission into Vassar college, there are specific criteria you would need to do so. Some of these include: 

  • Online forms are completed and filled out from any school portals( common application, Coalition Application or QuestBridge application) alongside the application fee ($65).
  • Early decision applicants must also submit their first semester grades without delay.
  • TOEFL IB, TOEFL PBT, IELTS, and DUOLINGO are all required by the institution.
  • Academic transcripts are also required.
  • SAT/ACT scores are required to improve or increase your chances of gaining admission into Vassar. 
  • Statement of purpose
  • Health records and immunization records, if there are any health challenges, ensure it’s indicated in the health records.
  • You are required to provide sponsorship letters. These are usually provided for if a student applies for financial aid at the institution.
  • Financial documents are mandatory for admission.
  • Health insurance coverage is compulsory for international students.
  • Letters of recommendation.

 Vassar College 2022-23 admission requirements

 What are the 2022-2023 admission requirements, and what are prospective students expected to provide to be eligible for admission into Vassar college? Some of these requirements include:

  • Test scores (SAT/ACT )
  • High school GPA
  • High school class rank
  • Completion of college
  • Preparatory programs.
  • Recommendations

Vassar Admission Requirements for International Applicants

Vassar international applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • English Proficiency exam scores
  • Copy of U.S. visa
  • Official secondary school transcripts

Vassar Application Fee

Vassar College First-year U.S. citizens and international applicants pay a $65 application fee, while transfer applicants pay a $70 application fee. However, the Vassar College application fee is not refundable. 

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Are international students offered financial aid in Vasaar college?

Yes, international students are offered financial aid. Students needing financial assistance are expected to submit an application conveying the extent to which they need financial support, as the college offers only need-based aid. Vassar provides financial aid for students in need throughout their academic years in college.

Does Vassar prefer SAT or ACT test?

Prospective students are expected to provide both SAT and ACT standardized test scores. 61% of students submit their SAT scores to the college, and 48% submit their ACT scores during application. Although prospective students applying in the following years, 2021-2023, standardized test was scraped, students who still wish to submit SAT / ACT scores are free to do so as this would increase their chances of getting accepted into the prestigious college.

Does Vassar Prefer SAT or ACT?

Vassar College has no preference for the ACT over SAT scores. Vassar does not discriminate based on if you submit SAT or ACT scores with your application. Most students that apply for admission at Vassar submit their SAT scores.

Is Vassar Test Optional?

Vassar College is test-optional. However, Vassar still considers submitted test scores necessary when making admission decisions.

What are my chances of being accepted into Vasaar college?

The percentage of students accepted into Vassar as of 2022 is 25%. To increase your chances of being accepted, you might want to take the ACT /SAT standardized test, which would give you an edge over other applicants.

What is the required score to gain admission into Vasaar college?

Students who seek admission into Vassar college are expected to score at least 1360-1520 to be considered for acceptance and 31-34 in ACT test.


Vassar college is one of the most prestigious colleges in New York. It is a private liberal arts college with an acceptance rate of 25%. It is one difficult school to get into as it’s pretty competitive, but that’s not to say it’s impossible to be a student of Vassar. Applying early and submitting standardized test scores would definitely give you an edge over other applicants and increase your chances of being accepted. I wish you good luck.

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