2022 WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Answers Expo

WAEC Agricultural Science Practical 2022

2022 WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Questions and Answers for SS3 school candidates. Are you among those looking for how to get Agric Science Practical WAEC questions 2022? If yes, search no more because this article is for you. We will discuss how to get WAEC Agric Science practical specimen, how to answer Agricultural science Practical WAEC questions 2022, and steps you need to pass the WAEC Agric Practical exam at a sitting.

You’re about to write the 2022 WAEC Agricultural Science exam and you want to make sure that you are prepared for it. But how do you know what will be on the WAEC Agricultural Science exam? That’s why we created this article so that you can find all of the questions and answers right here!

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M: Poultry fowl/Bird

N: Poultry Fowl/Bird

O: Ruminant Animal


N: it has thick muscular wall and may contain stones

O: Composed of several sacs.

P: It is the region where most digestion of food takes place.

Q: It is a large, meaty organ that sits on the right side of the belly.


N: Gizzard

(i) It modified for grinding food

(ii) Its located between sac like and the intestine

O: Rumen

(i) It allows mixing and churning of digesta

(ii) It acts as a storage or holding vat for food.

P: Small intestine

(i) Absorb digested food completely

(ii) It secretes intestinal juice.

(iii) Churn and mix ingested food, making it into chyme

Q: Liver

(i) Enzymes activation.

(ii) Bile production and excretion

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In this article, we explore how you can get 2022 WAEC Agric Science questions so that you can be well-prepared for your upcoming WAEC exam, and also understand how WAEC set Agricultural Science questions and how to answer them. With this guide, you can make A or B on Agric Science WAEC 2022 exam.

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WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Specimens 2022

Below are the WAEC Agricultural science practical 2022 specimens

Specimen A – Feeding trough
Specimen B – Burdizzo (real/picture/diagram)
Specimen C – Neck/collar tag
Specimen D – Spanner
Specimen E – Kerosine lamp
Specimen F – Inorganic fertilizer (superphosphate) (labelled)
Specimen G – Compost (labelled)
Specimen H – Farmyard manure (labelled)
Specimen I – Groundnut seeds (unshelled)
Specimen J – Cotton lint
Specimen K – Oil palm fruit
Specimen L – Rubber latex (labelled)
Specimen M – Crop (Poultry)
Specimen N – Gizzard (longitudinal section with its contents)
Specimen O – Rumen
Specimen P – Small intestine
Specimen Q – Liver

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