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Sample of Commerce Waec answers 2021

1i. large population-there is high number of people in weat africa, leading to high labour force

ii. Farming-due to agriculture being the mainstay in west africa, it brings about availability of raw material

iii. High financial institutions-there are many banks that render financial assistance to the populace

iv. Democracy- the non-military government in most nations give freedom to most commercial activities

v. Efficient transportation- due to free movement, commerce has had great enhancement in west africa.

2ai partners must have access to partnership account

ii. partners are entitled to expenses incurred in the business

iii. They are entitled to compensation

iv they should be consulted before admmision of another partner

v. Partners are entitled to dividends

2bi. They must be loyal

ii they must share liabilities

iii. Majority of partners are binding on the firm and must be respected.

4ai.they protect local producers

ii. They regulate excess importation

iii. They defend the rights of local manufacturers

iv. They resist against foreign dominance

v. They promote and improve local production efficiency

4bi. They collect taxes of imported and exported goods I

i. They avoid movements of cotrabands

iii. They regulate movement of sea transportation

iv. They check in and check out foreign commodities

v. They generate fumds from imports and exports.

(6a)C.O.D-Cash on delivery

(6b)C.W.O- Cash with order

(6c)C.I.F-Cost insurance freight

(6d)E.O.E-Errors and omissions excepted

(6e)F.O.R-Free on rail

8i. it leads to distribution of commodities to final consumers

ii. It rgulates price level of commodities

iii. it brings about even distribution of commodities to all parts of the country

iv. it controls inflation and deflation in the economy

v. It serves as means of source of living i.e. Occupation

9a. economic grouping is the process by which a group of countries with related economic activities are setup to provide reasonable means of living to those displaced in the war-ravaged country.

9b) i. International monetary fund (IMF)

ii. International Bank For Reconstrution and development (IBRD)

iii. African Development Bank (ADB)

iv. Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS).

9c. i. to encourage development , especially in the third world country

ii. To secure a steady income for producing country

iii. To reconcile the expansion and balance growth of international trade with high level of employment

iv. To provide technical assistance for project preparation study and execution.

Verified Commerce OBJ:
1-10: ccadabcbac
11-20: ccaadbcbda
21-30: ddbacccdac
31-40: adcabcddda
41-50: abcbbdbdab

2021 WAEC EXPO Commerce Objective & Essay QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS


WASSCE Commerce Objective & Essay Answers – 2021 August/September Expo


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