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2022 WAEC English Language Questions and Answers for SS3 school candidates. Are you among those looking for how to get English Language WAEC questions 2022? If yes, search no more because this article is for you. We will discuss how to get verified WAEC English Language questions 2022 Essay and Objective expo, how to answer Thursday, June 8th English Language WAEC questions 2022 essay & objective, test or orals, and steps you need to pass the WAEC 2022 English Language exam at a sitting.

Youre about to write the 2022 WAEC English Language exam and you want to make sure that you are prepared for it. But how do you know what will be on the WAEC English Language exam? Thats why we created this article so that you can find all of the questions and answers right here!

In this article, we explore how you can get English Language WAEC essay, test or orals, objective questions 2022 so that you can be well-prepared for your upcoming WAEC exam, and also understand how WAEC set English Language questions and how to answer them. With this guide, you can make A or B on English Language WAEC 2022 exam.

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English Language consists of two (3) parts which are Essay,Objective, Test of Orals. This three parts are also know Paper 1,2,3.

Paper 1 of WAEC English Language Questions 2022 will contain 50 objective questions to answer all. This objective questions has option A, B, C, and D. In which one option is the correct answer for each question. The next is Paper 2.

Paper 2 of 2022 English Language WAEC has essay questions with instructions.

Note: The WAEC English Language 2022 will start with Essay part, then objective part. Last will be test of orals.

WAEC English Language Questions and Answers 2022

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WAEC English Language Objective 2022 Questions

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Possible Questions on English Language WAEC 2022

Below you will see some of the WAEC English Language past questions and answers:

To remember all the experiences with your friend, to declare your love for him or to say goodbye, whatever the occasion, you can take these friendship letters to a friend as a model: fun, original and beautiful.

1 friendship letter for a sentimental friend

companion, friend, brother,

It is a pride and a pleasure to write these lines to celebrate one of the most valuable treasures I have: our friendship. After all these years you have become something essential in my life , without which nothing would make sense.

In the most difficult moments you have been the handkerchief that has dried my tears and the heart in which I have found refuge. And in the most unforgettable moments you appear in all the photos, those of our follies and our most unspeakable misdeeds. That is what fidelity consists of, my friend, in sharing the good times and the bad times .

Thank you for having become an essential part of my life, thank you for always sacrificing a part of yourself when I needed it. Thank you for covering for me when it was necessary, for sticking up for me, for being so generous. Our friendship is forever.

Thanks for everything, my friend,

I love you.

2 Friendship letter for a sad friend

Dear friend,

You may be wondering why I am writing this letter to you and, to be honest, it is not easy and I do not know where to start. Ive never been good at this, you know, but I think that in these difficult times I had to make an effort and give you my support.

These are sad moments that nobody likes to live , but we also know that life sometimes puts you to the test and you have to be strong. I dont want you to go through this moment alone, and thats why I want to extend my hand to you and sincerely offer you my friendship and my company: no matter what happens, I will help you with whatever you need. You just have to ask me, and Ill be there.

For everything else, I want to remind you that you have an inner strength that can do anything, and that however bitter the moment may seem to you, you will always find a way to get ahead. This moment will pass and we will remember it together as a bad experience and nothing more.

A tender greeting,

Your friend.

3 Letter of friendship for a cheerful friend

Dear friend!

What a joy to be able to write you this letter in such a happy moment, because there is always a good reason to celebrate our friendship, but it is even more wonderful to do so in the face of such a special situation as the one we are going through.

During all these years we have built a friendship so strong that nothing can destroy it, and it consists of sharing the good and the bad, with that generosity and empathy that makes us stronger. Today I celebrate our friendship for so many years of good things, and wishing that this lasts forever and that we never separate.

Your successes are my successes, and your failures are shared . Thats why sorrows hurt half as much, and joys multiply twice as much. I hope to see you soon to do our thing again, and continue to keep our secrets as always.

A warm greeting,

See you soon!

4 Letter of friendship for a friend of confession

Dear friend,

I have been hesitating for a long time whether to write such a letter, and how to do it. The truth is that I do it out of necessity, because I can no longer keep this secret inside me, and because it is very difficult for me to tell you in person.

You know that I have always considered you a very special person and that, in addition to always seeing you as a good friend, I have admired and loved you very much. Now that we are older, I think about the qualities that I like in a boy and I see that you are exactly what I expect from a partner. And I begin to see you differently .

Yes, friend, I like you. I like you and I cant keep hiding it, because doing so hurts me. I wish with all my soul that you can reciprocate and that we can try it, because it would be a wonderful story. But if you cant, well at least still be good friends.

I wait your answer,

A kiss.

5 Friendship letter to a friend to apologize

Dear friend,

After a long time of walking and shared experiences, I am sure that what keeps us together goes far beyond the particular interests and virtues of each one. It is, above all, an extraordinary exercise in generosity .

I am very afraid that now a mistake can throw away so many years of friendship. I never wanted to betray you, but any shadow of disappointment and sadness that hangs over you is justified and that is why I want to get down on my knees and ask for your forgiveness. Because this is not a sign of humiliation , but of humility and respect.

Our friendship is worth much more than my pride, and it is time to apologize and put myself at your service to solve everything that has been pending. I am sure that our friendship will once again withstand the test of adversity.

See you soon friend!

6 Friendship letter for a farewell friend

My friend,

How difficult it is for me to face this moment! It is very painful to separate from someone who has been so special in my life . Which has been, is and will be, in fact, because our history of friendship does not end with physical and forced separation.

Wherever you go you will continue to take me with you, because there is no distance capable of drowning our friendship, our fidelity and our commitment. In the good times we will continue to laugh, and in the bad times we will continue to be there, side by side, like brothers, as always.

I want to wish you the best in this new journey , although Im sure youre going to be a knockout because thats how you are: determined, energetic, enterprising. I will be waiting for you here to celebrate all your successes when you return.

a sincere hug,

Your friend.

7 Letter of friendship for a friend you haven’t seen for a long time

Dear friend,

Do you remember me? Its just that its been so long… Its a shame weve lost touch , because for a long time I considered you one of my best friends. Now everyone has his life, but I remember you very often.

We used to share our experiences and had many adventures together. I dont even remember some of them anymore, but I do remember with great tenderness the bonds of friendship that we created those years. Now life has separated us, but I cant resist knowing about you, because I hope that life is treating you as well as you deserve.

I would very much like you to write to me, my friend, and maybe we can meet again to remember old times and catch up. Write me soon, at least, so I can know how everything is going.

A tender greeting,

Your friend.

8 Letter of friendship for a distant friend

Hi, friend!

I wanted to surprise you with this letter to tell you that I miss you, that even though some time has passed I still miss you. Because your smiles filled everything, because your energy was everywhere, and when you left you left a deep void.

I want to tell you that things around here are pretty good . People miss you, talk about you a lot, and we all remember you with a mixture of joy and sadness. My projects are going smoothly, and the truth is that I am happier than I might expect with how things are turning out for me. How nice to share my joys with you!

I want you to tell me many things, friend, about how things are going over there. Have you found what you were looking for? You like to live there? They treat you well? Never forget that despite the distance, I am still here to listen to you .

Write me soon, friend,

I miss you.

friendship letters to a classmate

These friendship letters for a classmate are very special missives that you can address to that person with whom you share high school walks every day. Choose your favorite model, from the most original to the most emotional.

1 friendship letter for a love classmate

Hi, friend,

Perhaps you have been surprised to receive this letter from me, and perhaps these lines that I am now writing surprise you. The truth is that it has not been easy to take that step, but I also feel that I need to do it, and that is why I am writing to you.

We share classes every day, hours of fun and special moments. Being classmates has brought us closer and closer and I have to confess that I dont see you like the other classmates: for me you are someone really special.

I like the way you behave, I like how you feel and how you think, that you are so sensitive and so intelligent. I like your tastes and I think we share a lot in common. And besides, I think you are very attractive and every day I want to go to class to see you again. Now you know, I like you and I would like to have something with you .

I await your answer with anxiety,

I love you.

2 Friendship letter for forgiveness classmate

Dear friend,

These days it has come to my ears that you feel disappointed in me and that you think I have betrayed you. The truth is, I did not expect this situation to become so big, and now I feel worried, sad and with great guilt.

That is why I have decided to write these words to you. In this letter I want to confess that I did things wrong and that I am the only one to blame, but I also want to tell you that I never did it with bad intentions and that all I want is for everything to end in a misunderstanding because for me our friendship is the most important.

One more thing: when you want to talk I am willing to apologize and find a way to fix my mistakes. I also think this is a good lesson to learn and never stumble on the same damn stone again.

Im so sorry mate

A hug.

3 Friendship letter for an old classmate

Hi, classmate!

Do you remember me? Its been some time since we spoke to each other and time hasnt passed in vain: weve grown older, youve made your life, Ive made mine, and our paths have parted. However, I keep great memories of our friendship.

Thats why I think its a good opportunity to get in touch again and resume that special relationship that united us. I want to laugh with you again, remember our adventures and catch up on how life is going.

How are you doing in life? Have your dreams, your projects come true? I am very well and very happy, I will tell you in person. I hope we can see each other very soon and that we can explain everything as before.

A very endearing greeting.

Your old partner.

4 Friendship letter to a classmate

Dear collegue,

I am writing this letter to you because we havent spoken for days and I have many things to tell you. Me and my boyfriend have given us another chance, and all that problem with my parents has been solved. I feel that some people around us are intoxicating to separate us, and that you should think better of what you told me.

I have many things to tell you, secrets to tell you and something to confess to you, although all this will be better in person. For now I can tell you that this course has been very special by your side and that I feel closer to you every time.

Thank you for being a good friend to whom I can tell everything. I trust you a lot, and there are few people with whom I can feel this closeness. I also feel that there are things that you need to tell and I want to remind you that I am here for whatever you need.

A very sincere hug

I hope to see you soon.

5 Friendship letter for a funny classmate

Dear collegue!

We just got together and Im already writing you this letter: Youll have to report me for harassment! We are so close that the moments without you seem long and boring, but there is good news: Its almost Monday!

And well, since I was bored, I decided to write you a few lines to remember some of the funniest moments together, like that night recently that we ran away from home together to go to Saras birthday party, or that time that on that excursion We eloped with those guys for our first kiss.

And we have shared everything together! Even the first kiss! And what about that time we sabotaged chemistry class, or when we had the entire school cleared out! We have made them in all colors, but always together.

I love you special friend!

See you Monday.

6 Friendship letter for a special classmate

Hi, friend!

Officially we are classmates, but deep in our hearts you know that a much stronger feeling is hidden, a beautiful friendship that we have built with love and patience and that nothing can destroy.

I am writing you this letter to confess something to you: you are my best friend . You will be surprised, perhaps, but it is important that you know that in addition to being a classmate, leaving me notes and sneaking answers, you have proven to be a loyal friend whom I can trust. This, for me, is much more important than the rest.

Now that classes are over, I want us to keep in touch, no matter what happens . I dont think he knows how to live without our conversations, our secrets and our confessions. And of course, without our exciting adventures.

So I hope to see you soon, friend,

Your classmate.

7 Friendship letter for a farewell classmate

Hi, friend!

A new course is coming to an end and when I start thinking about the fun times weve shared these months I cant stop laughing, although there has also been room for confidences, secrets and complicity.

And it is that you have become someone very special and, although you have decided to leave, I feel that we will never stop being in contact. Before, it was hard for me to say goodbye at the end of the course, and I thought that the summer would be very long without you. Now that I know well be apart longer, I cant help but get even sadder.

However, an enormous joy also invades my body at the thought that this is a new opportunity for you and that wherever you go you will be happy and find what you are looking for . I will be waiting for you to continue living our crazy adventures when you come back.

Be happy, and dont forget about me.

I will miss you.

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