2021 Waec GCE Government Questions and Answers (23rd November)

WAEC GCE Government 2021

Do you know that WAEC GCE Government questions and answers for the 2021 Second series are compulsory for art students? Government is one of the necessary art subjects in GCE 2021. It isn’t pleasing that some candidates don’t know how WAEC sets GCE Government questions and how to answer them.
We at Examspot.net have decided to explain in detail how the exam is being set for GCE Second Series. With these exam guides, you will learn to answer GCE questions according to WAEC Government marking scheme.

Today’s WAEC GCE Government Questions and Answers now available.

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Some of the questions below are from WAEC GCE Government Past questions. WAEC does repeat past questions that are we picked some of it and answered below.

Let’s get started.

2021 WAEC GCE Government Possible Questions and Answers

Below is the WAEC GCE Government past questions and answers. Each number answered correctly is 15 marks.

1.    Identify five weaknesses of the Independence Constitution of 1960.


Waec gce Government 2021 answers

2.    Highlight five positive impacts of British and French colonial administration in WEST Africa.


2021 Waec GCE Government answers

3.    Identify five factors that make public opinion an important aspect of the democratic process.


Waec Gce Government questions & Answers 2021

4.     Highlight five features that make democracy the most popular system of government.


Waec Gce Government answers 2021 Second series

5.     Highlight five ways of effectively controlling the local government to live up to its mandate.


WAEC Gce government expo 2021

Sample of 2021 WAEC GCE Government Objective Questions and Answers

1.    In which system of government are all the component units sovereign?

  • Confederal
  • Federal
  • Monarchical
  • Republican

The correct answer is Confederal.

2.     Commonwealth member states derive the following benefits from the association except

  • assistance to war-torn countries.
  • promotion of education.
  • political instability.
  • promotion of sports.

The correct answer is political instability.

3.    Public corporation is a semi-independent statutory body established by

  • an Act of Parliament.
  • a civil service commission.
  • a private sector initiative.
  • free zones board.

The correct answer is an Act of Parliament.

4.     A person who is denied the right to vote is described as

  • uncivilized
  • disenfranchised
  • civil servant
  • non-partisan

The correct answer is disenfranchised.

5.    Which policy made the colonized Fresh West Africa partners with France in her colonial project?

  • Assimilation policy
  • Association policy
  • Indirect rule policy
  • Loi Cadre

The correct answer is Assimilation policy.

6.     The British colonial governor in West Africa wielded sweeping powers by virtue of

  • the land tenure system.
  • drafting laws
  • tax collection.
  • veto power.

The correct answer is veto power.

7.     In which political system are there two levels of government with considerable devolution?

  • Capitalism
  • Federalism
  • Fascism
  • Unitarism

The correct answer is Unitarism.

8.     A system of government in which people elect their lawmakers and make them accountable for their actions and inactions in government is

  • a representative government
  • first-past-the-post government
  • an oligarchy government
  • checks  and balances system of government.

The correct answer is a representative government.

9.    The right to an adequate standard of living falls under

  • civil right
  • economic right
  • free market economy
  • right to life.

The correct answer is economic right.

10.      A citizen is barred from active politics when employed as a

  • university lecturer
  • priest
  • civil servant
  • journalist.

The correct answer is civil servant.

Final Verdict

WAEC GCE Government is very similar to Civic Education. The answers above on the theory part align with the WAEC marking scheme for November/December exam 2021. If there are any questions on Gce Government that you would also like to solve, kindly use the comment section. Don’t forget to share this exam guide with others online.

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