Is WAEC Result Upgrade Real Or Not?

WAEC result upgrade

You may have come across the word WAEC result Upgrade system? Is upgrading of WAEC results real or fake?

You will find out all what is WAEC upgrading the system and how to boost your WASSCE results in 2023.

Let’s get started.

What is WAEC result upgrade System?

Upgrade simply means to improve to a better version. So, the WAEC result upgrading system is used to increase a candidate’s score in a given subject(s).

Upgrading the WAEC result has been a system in which some candidates who didn’t do well in their exams boost their results.

What are the effects of WAEC Result Upgrade 2023?

Wasting of time

A victim of WAEC upgrade said that “I was asked to pay some amount of money which I did. When the person confirmed my payment, he told me to send my details to him. After some hours, he messaged me on WhatsApp that my WAEC result had been upgraded. And that I should wait for 90 days for it to reflect in the WAEC database. He also sent a proof of result, which I later find that it was edited photo.” You can see that this waste of time.

The time wasted waiting for something that is not real is enough to read and prepare for the next exam. Not performing well the first time does not mean that you will never pass the exam.

Wasting of Money

You must make payment first if you want the person to upgrade your WAEC result. For instance, you are asked to pay 10000 Naira for the upgrade. That amount of money alone is almost up to the price to buy a new exam registration form. One candidate who was scammed in the name of WAEC upgrading said that “I was showed much proof of past upgraded results. I was asked to invite my classmates and friends that didn’t perform well. I later told them about it, and we paid the person.

Till today nothing happened to our WAEC result, and that’s how our money flew away.

Shame & Lack of trust

For instance, you told your parents or guardian that this upgrading of WAEC result is real and that the person has been helping others. In the end, you didn’t get what you paid or the money back. Do you think that your parents will easily trust you next time you ask them for something similar? What about your friends or classmates that you introduced to the person doing the upgrading. You will be ashamed of yourself for making them waste money. 

It will be best you think about the consequences of WAEC result upgrading before doing it.

Waec upgrade

How to know fake WAEC Upgrade people?

If you have an idea of graphics design, you can know that the proof is fake and just an edited document. Once you ask them for proof, they will send videos and pictures to you claiming that they are past the candidate’s upgraded result. 

Working Format for WAEC result upgrade

  • Notice! Notice!! Notice!!! Contact Mr. Ken, a senior officer at WAEC head office Abuja for legit Upgrading of WAEC results. He is tested and trusted. Call him now 090xxxxxx.
  • I just upgraded my WAEC result with the help of Sir Clinton. He is professional when it comes to result upgrading.
  • Help me thank Mr. Vin for helping me upgrade my WAEC result within a few days. I don’t know how to thank you sir. Contact him now if you want to upgrade the WAEC result ASAP.

These fraudsters use many other formats to collect money on something they can’t do and promise you that it will reflect within some time.

How to upgrade WAEC result by yourself

What will I do if I have paid for upgrading of WAEC result?

If you have already done a giveaway to someone online in the name of paying for a WAEC upgrade, shame may not allow you to report the person’s account in the bank. Kindly purchase another WAEC form, and start getting ready for the exam. If you prepare very well, you will come out with an excellent result.

Is WAEC result upgrade fake or real?

No, the WAEC result upgrade is fake, and it is not possible. The only thing you can get from the scammers claiming that it is real is fake promises and edited photos and videos, which you might fall for it.

Final Thought

If you still choose to pay for a WAEC upgrade to anybody online, even after reading all the consequences outlined in this post, the key is in your hands. We hope you got the answer you are looking for concerning how to upgrade the WAEC result.

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