You are currently viewing WAEC Syllabus for Economics 2022 PDF Download

WAEC Syllabus for Economics 2022 PDF Download

If you have been asking what WAEC Syllabus for Economics 2022 is all about, this post is for you as you will find out details you need to know about WAEC Syllabus For Economics 2022.

I will show you the verified approved WAEC Syllabus For Economics 2022, Economics WASSCE Syllabus 2022 PDF File to download Online.

Do you want to download WAEC Syllabus for Economics 2022? If you are interested in the WAEC syllabus for Economics for school candidates, kindly know that you can get the WAEC syllabus 2022 for Economics here in this post you are currently reading.

What is WAEC Economics syllabus 2022?

The Economics WAEC syllabus 2022 outlines topics that candidates are expected to study for their WASSCE SS3 Exams. It is also known as the WAEC scheme of work for Economics.

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The WASSCE syllabus in Economics aims to prepare the candidates for the WAEC final exam in Secondary School (SS3).

Importance of WAEC Economics Syllabus

  1. With the Wassce syllabus for Economics 2022, you will know the areas or topics to study for the exam.
  2. You will discover likely questions that WAEC will set for Economics at the end of each topic.
  3. Complete list of Economics textbooks (authors, editions, titles) is in the syllabus. 

WAEC Syllabus For Economics 2022

Below is the approved WAEC Syllabus For Economics 2022:

  1. Definition and Scope of Economics
  2. Theory of Price Determination
  3. Business Organizations
  4. Demand
  5. Public Finance
  6. Theory of Cost and Revenue
  7. Agriculture
  8. National Income
  9. International Trade and Balance of Payments
  10. Types and Basic Features of Economic Systems
  11. International Economic Organizations
  12. Distributive Trade
  13. Basic Tools of Economic Analysis
  14. Theory of Consumer Behaviour
  15. Money and Inflation
  16. Supply
  17. Industrialization
  18. Major Natural Resources
  19. Market Structure
  20. Factors of Production
  21. Economic Development and Planning
  22. Population and Labour Market
  23. Theory of Production
  24. Economic Integration
  25. Financial Institutions

Download WAEC 2022 syllabus for Economics pdf

The above PDF File contains the complete content of the Economics syllabus for WAEC 2022.

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