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If you have been asking what WAEC Syllabus for Fisheries 2022 is all about, this post is for you as you will find out details you need to know about WAEC Syllabus For Fisheries 2022.

I will show you the verified approved WAEC Syllabus For Fisheries 2022, Fisheries WASSCE Syllabus 2022 PDF File to download Online.

Do you want to download WAEC Syllabus for Fisheries 2022? If you are interested in the WAEC syllabus for Fisheries for school candidates, kindly know that you can get the WAEC syllabus 2022 for Fisheries here in this post you are currently reading.

What is WAEC Fisheries syllabus 2022?

The Fisheries WAEC syllabus 2022 outlines topics that candidates are expected to study for their WASSCE SS3 Exams. It is also known as the WAEC scheme of work for Fisheries.

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The WASSCE syllabus in Fisheries aims to prepare the candidates for the WAEC final exam in Secondary School (SS3).

Importance of WAEC Fisheries Syllabus

  1. With the Wassce syllabus for Fisheries 2022, you will know the areas or topics to study for the exam.
  2. You will discover likely questions that WAEC will set for Fisheries at the end of each topic.
  3. Complete list of Fisheries textbooks (authors, editions, titles) is in the syllabus. 

WAEC Syllabus For Fisheries 2022

Below is the approved WAEC Syllabus For Fisheries 2022:

  1. Introduction to Fisheries

  2. Importance of Fisheries

  3. Processes of Fish Production

  4. Types of Fish Culture

  5. Fish Harvesting and Post Harvesting Processes

  6. Fish Feeds and Feeding

  7. Fish Pond Preparation and  Management

  8. Facilities and Culture Systems

  9. Fish Seed Production

  10. Practical Fisheries

  11. Fishing Gear and Craft

  12. Fish Processing and Preservation

  13. Fish Culture

Download WAEC 2022 syllabus pdf

The above list contains the complete content of the Fisheries syllabus for WAEC 2022.

Now that you have gotten the complete 2022 WAEC syllabus for Fisheries pdf, don’t hesitate to share it with your classmates and friends.

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