What to Bring to SAT Test Day 2023

What to Bring to the SAT Test Day

Are you SAT test taker? Do you know what you should bring to the SAT test day and what not to bring? After months of prepping, the next thing is Test Day. Keep reading to know what to bring to SAT 2023.

The SAT can be less challenging when you are with all the necessary things to take the test. This will make you focus on doing your best and not looking at the questions.

In this post, you will get to know the necessary things any SAT test-taker is expected to bring to the test center and what you should leave at home. In other words, what to bring on SAT test day 2023.

What to Bring to SAT Test Day 2023

  • Admission ticket

  • Photo ID

  • Extra #2 pencils

  • Eraser

  • SAT Approved Calculator with extra batteries

  • Wristwatch

  • Sharpener

  • Water

  • Snack

Now that you have seen what you should bring to the SAT day, let’s pick them one after another.

Admission ticket

It is compulsory that you print out your admission ticket from your College Board account and bring it to the testing center. Keep in mind that SAT admission ticket on your cell phone is not valid. Only the paper copy is valid and accepted. You can print your admission ticket colored or blank and white. The most important thing is that your details and photo are visible.

Photo ID 

A photo ID is very necessary when coming for the SAT. Ensure that the photo ID is closely the picture you uploaded to the College Board website and your SAT admission ticket. Acceptable forms of ID are military ID, current school ID, driver’s license, National ID, password, and other valid IDs.

Extra #2 Pencils

The number two pencil remains the perfect pencil for taking the SAT test. There are no limited pencils to bring, but the minimum is two. This is because talking is prohibited, and time is tight. So, it will be best you come with extra number two pencils finding in a situation where you don’t have writing material in the middle of the SAT test.


Most times, the eraser affixed on pencils does disappoint; that is why you need to bring an extra eraser that is soft with you to the SAT test center. It will be best you completely erase an answer to keep it from being a mistake for your intended answer.

SAT Approved Calculator with extra batteries

Only scientific and graphing calculators are accepted for the SAT test. College Board stated that a test-taker does not need a calculator for the SAT. This means that you can answer SAT math questions correctly without using a calculator.

You also check the list of SAT test-allowed calculator models and brands.


It will be best you wear a wristwatch to manage your time wisely. Avoid Samsung, Apple watch, or any watch that has the ability to store data or with any audible alarm.


You are bringing a sharpener to the SAT Test center to help you sharpen your pencils during break times.


Your brain also needs water to function well, not only nutrients. It is accepted to come with a water bottle to the SAT test center, and don’t forget to take a lot of water because you can only go to the restroom during a break period.


There is a need to come with snacks on SAT testing day if you want to take care of your stomach during the break. It will be hard to concentrate when taking SAT questions if your stomach is complaining. 

How prepared you are to answer SAT questions means nothing if you didn’t enter your SAT center. So, it will be best to bring all the necessary things for the SAT or get them ready before the testing day.

Let’s go straight to what you should not bring to the SAT center.

What NOT to Bring to the SAT

  • Highlighters or pens

  • An iPod

  • Scratch paper

  • A timer with an audible alarm

  • A cell phone

  • Cheatsheets

  • A camera

  • Dictionaries

Can I bring a bag to the SAT?

Yes, you can bring your bag, a backpack, or a purse. A bag is among what to bring to SAT. Bringing your bag to the SAT center will enable you to keep your personal items and snacks under your desk during the tests.

Can I bring my phone to SAT?

Bringing a phone to the SAT Test day is prohibited. If you come to the SAT with your phone, it must be turned off before the test. This means you should ensure that your phone is turned off and should not even beep for once. Else, your proctor will cancel your test immediately.

Do I need to wear a Uniform for SAT?

You don’t need to wear a school uniform for SAT. Kindly wear anything cool, depending on the weather or your mood. No rule says you should wear a uniform on SAT day.

Can I wear Pajamas to the SAT?

Yes, you can wear pajama jeans, pants, sweatshirts, or something that you can be comfortable with.  

Can I bring two Calculators to the SAT?

Yes, you can bring more than one calculator to the SAT center, but only allowed to use one at a time. 

Does the SAT provide pencils?

Some SAT centers do provide pencils. It would be best to come with at least 2 number two pencils. 

Does my SAT ticket have to be in color?

You can print your SAT admission ticket in black and white or color, and ensure that your details are visible, including your photos.

What items must you bring with you when you take the SAT exam?

We covered most of the questions about “what should I bring to the SAT” above. So, it will be best for you to share this article with your friends and loved ones. If you have any related questions on what to bring to SAT, kindly use the comment section.

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