When Will NECO GCE Result Be Out 2021/2022

When Will NECO GCE Result Be Out

Congrats on completing your NECO GCE 2021 exam successfully. The next matter is “When will NECO GCE result be out for 2021? When will NECO GCE release 2021 result? Or is NECO GCE result 2021 out?

If you want to know when NECO GCE result 2021 will be out, this post is for you to get to see when the 2021 NECO GCE result will be released. 

Is NECO GCE result out 2021?

NO, NECO GCE 2021 result is not out yet. This means that NECO GCE has not released 2021 GCE result.

NOTE: We will update this post when the NECO GCE result come out.

It will be best to see how to check the NECO GCE result when it is out.

Let’s go to the main question, “when will NECO GCE result be out”.

When will NECO GCE result be out for 2021/2022?

NECO GCE has announced 21st February 2022 as the latest date for the release of 2022 NECO GCE results. This means that NECO External candidates should be expecting their results on Monday, 21st February 2022. 

NOTE: Not all the results will be released on 21st February. Some will be held for reasons like violating some rules or malpractice.

Why is NECO GCE Result for 2021 Not Yet Out?

NECO GCE board has urged all the participated candidates to exercise some patience. The results are delayed due to some challenges the board is facing and promised that it would release in due course.

That’s all about when NECO GCE Result will be out for 2021/2022.

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