End of Year Wishes 2022

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Year-end wishes, best passionate wishes for the end of the year  that can be used for many occasions. ear end greetings

End of Year Wishes

  • Many highlights made this year a special one that was without a doubt. We enjoyed many hours in a beautiful atmosphere, oh, if the year were much longer!

  • The year is drawing to a close, and it has lasted long enough, I had no fun because I was pissed off. You made me wait far too often. I often sat alone in our loft. I don’t want to experience that again next year. Otherwise, I’ll have to give you the pass. Still, I love you very much, and you have to know that, so let’s enjoy the change of the year together.

  • This year, which is drawing to a close, brought a decisive turning point for me. I found the love of my life. So far, I have looked in vain for it. But now you are here, I am very happy, and it should stay that way forever, that’s what I mean. So I ask you: do you want to marry me? Why should we wait any longer?

  • It’s New Year’s Eve today. The year will soon have passed, it’s cold outside, and your cheeks are red. To avoid this, let’s go in, enjoy New Year’s Eve with a glass of wine. Watch the rockets that are being shot from outside. The days of the great New Year’s eve are over. Because now I have you, want you all to myself, I love you very much, it should be like this forever.

  • At the end of the year, there is often a conclusion that everyone sees more than clearly for themselves. What he did well and did not do well will undoubtedly give you more courage for the New Year. So develop the resolutions that will help you perfect and get your reward. The wages in the new year, the wages of your efforts, make an effort so that your cheeks glow.

  • This year has brought joy to many people, except for those who are just wasting their time. Only those who are active and always strive to see the results of their work in the new year.

  • The end of the year always brings happiness and sadness,a strange combination that often makes you angry.Happiness rises due to the great anticipation,sadness becomes clear for many people.Because they quickly remember that they experienced grief,lost someone, a pain that lasted for a long time.Emotions often go on a roller coaster,time flies by, but sadness as if mad.Hopefully, the end of the year will bring advice so that joy comes again and you have fun again.

  • Every year, in the end, the rockets are bought. They bring fun, joy and the sellers a lot of money. But some people cursed these annoying things, because they are the biggest bad luck charm. Because rockets land on the balconies and cause damage at the end of each year, it cannot be worth it. Therefore everyone should think aboutwhat careless action can cause.

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